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  1. J

    Anyone from Northwest Blackburn area?

    Was it Washington Hall or something - the training ground for Lancs Fire & Rescue? Did a course there a few years ago - the chip pan fire is scary! Rishton mate, please don't confuse the two ha ha!
  2. J

    Anyone from Northwest Blackburn area?

    Just thought - you do mean Blackburn Lancashire, not the one where that munter that was on Britain's Got Talent was from...?
  3. J

    Anyone from Northwest Blackburn area?

    I'm in Great Harwood mate...
  4. J

    Need Temp Insurance @ 19

    Some companies won't let you cover another car if there's a policy already in place for that vehicle - been there, done that, not got the t-shirt. Unfortunately, you're probably onto a sticky wicket if you ring your Ma's insurance company too - due to Data Protection, they probably won't help...
  5. J

    I dare anyone to not be impressed by this guy

    Awesome :respekt:
  6. J

    Jade Goody...gone.

    Me neither unfortunately. :(
  7. J

    Walkers Crisps

    I've voted for the bhaji ones although it was close between them and the duck/hoisin flavour.
  8. J

    Walkers Crisps

    Tried the Fish & Chips, not impressed. Builder's Breakfast not too bad. Just Chilli & Chocolate & Onion Bhaji left to try. Favourite up to now is the Duck & Hoisin.
  9. J

    Walkers Crisps

    Duck & Hoisin not too bad, pretty much taste like the real thing. I'm not decided on the Squirrel ones though, jury's out on them as yet. Someone at work tried the Fish & Chips flavour, said it just left an aftertaste like batter but otherwise quite plain. Not tried them myself so couldn't comment.
  10. J

    what a friend

  11. J

    Next car...

    Ya can't just leave it at that Jim! Go on... And dont forget, we need pics too...
  12. J

    a reason not to stop after speeding

    Now that's unlucky!
  13. J

    Audi R8 v12 wallpaper

    I think I've just done a sex wee :blink:
  14. J

    Message from the BORED

    10 outta 10 for perseverance anyway!
  15. J

    Alfa forum invasion?

    Don't think my anti-virus would be up to it....
  16. J

    Message from the BORED

    Alfacube? Is that like tem little dice things that used to attack stuff on Terrahawks?
  17. J

    Next car...

    Polo GTI? Still VAG and the later ones are 1.8T...
  18. J

    Next car...

    Plenty of French stuff for that price: '05 Megane 225 05-55 Clio 182 05-55 206 GTI 180 06 C4 VTR+ Then there's Italian: 05 Stilo Abarth 2.4 06 147 2.0TS
  19. J

    Audi badged "A9"

    That explains everything. Can't for the life of me imagine why it didn't sell very wel...
  20. J

    looks like im gonna be a dad

    Congrats fella!