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  1. flipmyflipper

    EGR Cooler pipe snapped

    I have a 2012 B8.5 (Facelift) Audi A5 Sportback S-Line. Last night the EGR pipe that's attached to the exhaust manifold snapped. From what I can see online the part number is 03L131521AH? is this pretty standard across all the Audi range because this is the only part number I can find? thank you...
  2. flipmyflipper

    Advice please on replacement 2.0TDi engine

    A friend of mine has blown his engine in his 2008 A4, it's an auto cvt. I know there's lots of variant's of this engine so my question is which one is going to be a direct replacement? The current damaged engine is the BPW type but ideally he like to drop the 170 version in. Is this a straight...
  3. flipmyflipper

    Black Edition Plus Alloys

    Anyone know where I can get replica Black Edition Plus Alloys? I have found some on eBay but they are gloss black and don’t have the silver/polished lip
  4. flipmyflipper

    Lowering Spring advice

    I have a facelift A5 sportback and am wanting to lower it slightly as it currently sits quite high. It is an S Line so am I right in thinking it already has a 10mm drop? I’m think 30mm springs but what is everyone else using? Are H&R and Eibach the most popular?
  5. flipmyflipper

    A5 Sportback 2.0 TDI Quattro poor fuel consumption

    So I’ve just sold my 2009 A4 Avant 170 2.0 tdi which I owned for 5 years. It would return around 44mpg of mixed driving and 53mpg on a motorway run. I’ve replaced it with a 2012 Facelift A5 sportback, again the 2.0 tdi but this time the Quattro. Now I know the Quattro has more moving parts but I...
  6. flipmyflipper

    Help Please Replaced Rear Door lock still won't open

    My B8 Avant is having an issue with the offside rear door lock. It won't open from the outside handle so have replaced the lock mechanism but still no joy. Could it just be the handle that is faulty?
  7. flipmyflipper

    What power D3S Xenon bulb?

    My drivers side main headlight bulb has gone. I've looked for a replacement but they seem to range in power from 4300k - 8000k. What power are the standard bulbs please? as I only really want to change the one for now and would like them to match
  8. flipmyflipper

    2.0 TDI Gearbox oil change?

    My service book is showing its never been done on my 2009 Avant. When is it normally expected to be changed please?
  9. flipmyflipper

    4 led boot bulb

    Where can I find one please?
  10. flipmyflipper

    Twin exhaust on a TDI, who's done this?

    I've just got an S4 rear diffuser for my A4 avant. I was just wondering who else has fitted a twin exhaust with a diesel and if they removed any silencers or cat internals? Also what do folks think of the exhausts on the new A6 and A7s as I was thinking of going for something like that?
  11. flipmyflipper

    Importing phone book in mmi via Bluetooth problems

    Having terrible trouble trying to do this an after an hour I've given up. Had all my numbers stored but over the last couple of years people have changed their numbers and the car phone book needed updating. I read up on it and the general consensus was too remove any devices and do a reset. So...
  12. flipmyflipper

    Anyone got an Avant OS inner rear light for sale?

    I need an offside (drivers) inner rear light for a 2009 B8 Avant if anyone has one lying around please? I managed to smash mine last week
  13. flipmyflipper

    How do I remove my B8 wing mirror caps/covers?

    Have done various searches but couldn't find anything on the B8. Does anyone have a guide they could share please?
  14. flipmyflipper

    O/S front door lock not working off fob

    I've got a 2009 s line, has anyone else had this problem? Common fault? The rest of the central locking is fine, just the drivers door.
  15. flipmyflipper to me

    Want to get spacers for my Avant. Lots of people running 10mm front and 15mm back, has anyone tried 15mm back 20mm back? Also H&R seem to be the popular choice, where's best to get them from please peeps?
  16. flipmyflipper

    Brushed aluminium wing mirrors

    Anyone bought these for there B8's? if so what's the quality and fit like? Audi A4 S4 B8 Alloy Matt Wing Mirror Door Caps Cover Trim Case Housing S Line 08 | eBay
  17. flipmyflipper

    Where to buy best value RS4 gloss black front grille?

    As above pre facelift 2009 without parking sensors please
  18. flipmyflipper

    How do I remove the fog light covers?

    Probably been asked a 1000's times but have been searching and have found nothing useful sorry. I want to change my standard H11's and have fallen at the first hurdle. It was just one screw on my golf!
  19. flipmyflipper

    Hi newbie here from South Wales with an A4 Avant 170 S-Line

    Hi people, I'm from Newport, South Wales. This is my new daily runner and I really love it so far. Have been a VW golf man for years owning a mk3, mk4's and a mk5. Have gone down the route of Audi this time as it ticks all the boxes for me in my current situation. The only mods I'm looking to...