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  1. Sharrison14

    Squeeky ceramic brakes on RS6

    After some advice please all, recently purchased a 2104 RS6 with ceramic brakes fitted. The brakes are very noisy, even worse when its wet but the car sounds awful travelling through a city centre at slow speeds. Ive checked the pads and there appears to be plenty left on them, and the discs...
  2. Sharrison14

    Ceramic Brakes RS6

    Looking at buying an RS6 with ceramic brakes fitted. On close inspection, the discs appear to have loads of hairline cracks on them....? Is this standard or signs of a problem? Never had ceramics on anything before so they are new to me. Thanks in advance.
  3. Sharrison14

    For Sale 2015 Audi S4 B8.5 Avant BLACK EDITION Supercharged 3.0 V6 with Red Leather supersport seats

    FOR SALE, my 2015 Audi S4 B8.5 Avant BLACK EDITION Supercharged 3.0 V6 with full Service History split between main dealer and local audi specialist. Ive owned this car since new, delivered with 36 miles on the clock. Finished in Audi Black with the full BLACK EDITION extra's including all...
  4. Sharrison14

    Help - Replacement S4 fog light grille needed

    help please, some inconsiderate Tw4T has reversed / driven into my S4 in a car park last week and broke my drivers side fog light honeycomb grille. (Not to mention the gouge out of my bumper too!!! ) I have been to Audi today and they want £150 + VAT for a replacement which i fond to be a...
  5. Sharrison14

    Suggestions for B8.5 S4 rear diffuser please

    nightmare today..... In a ridiculously tight car park i have reversed into a redundant steel bracket attached to a wall that was not picked up by my sensors Absolutly gutted and have ended up with a crease in the top if my rear diffuser. Not one to dwell on these things Im now after an...
  6. Sharrison14

    Raywell design black S4 badge small??

    Just checking with others that it is correct that the black S4 badge i have from Raywell Design is smaller than the standard badge on the back of my Audi?? See photo....
  7. Sharrison14

    VAG Tuner Expo

    just trying to establish who from this site is going to the expo tomorrow at Donnington Park. Also, anyone travelling over from North West / North Wales way?
  8. Sharrison14

    RS4 Grill for B8.5 now on ebay.... Any good??? Link to the one being sold on ebay? Anyone had one of these yet? If so are they any good? Also, how would the S4 badge clip onto this?
  9. Sharrison14

    No traffic avoidance or speed camera alerts on 2015 S4

    My sat nav seems to have no traffic avoidance / road closure function on it? Is this standard and is there an upgrade for it? Im working in birmingham for example atm and there are a lot if roadworks & roads closed but the sat nav doesnt pick them up putting me in a right mess. Also noted...
  10. Sharrison14

    S4 security upgrade

    Right, following the theft of my mates S4 last week all im thinking about now is mine going missing and need to do something to prevent it.... Ive considered the following, however not convinced and would like other opinions please; Tracker - not sure if i would want it back if it went...
  11. Sharrison14

    STOLEN - Audi S4 Red DF62 MVO

    Stolen from b&b in Buxton early hours of the morning. No signs of break in or anything. Police say they picked it up on ANPR once heading towards Derby direction. Any ideas how they have taken it??