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  1. chucky1

    See ya Guys

    Well. My Beast is gone. Deposit taken. Part company next week. I really didn't want to sell her, but logic had to prevail. The wife and I bought a house up in the mountains west of Sydney a couple of months ago as a weekender and I need a bit of a "workhorse" that will get a towball, go up dirt...
  2. chucky1

    Fine Scratches on Black Nappa Bolster

    Guys, not sure if this should be in the detailing section, but here goes. I've got myself quite a few fine scratches on the right side bolster and the edge of the stitching along that edge, on my black nappa super sport drivers seat. When I get into the car particularly in my garage it's a bit...
  3. chucky1

    Merry Christmas from Australia

    Guys its nearly Christmas here. So I thought I'd send my salutations from the antipodes and wish you all a Merry one. And let you know it's been really nice "meeting" many of you this year. You have all made me feel very welcome to your site. Cheers Chuck.
  4. chucky1

    Best of the Best

    Well, another weeks gone by and this time I was nowhere near spottin that ball. Was way off this time. I'm not a gambler but I like having a crack at this. And I gotta say, my dream car is a 991 911 4S. My S4 would give it a red hot run for its money but.....its my dream car and on my money...
  5. chucky1

    Coolant Performance System Post Pulley Upgrade Stage 2

    Guys I've been doing a lot of research on this one. I live in an environment that can get pretty hot for an extended time. It's nice to be in the aircon but when your S4 is sucking in 40 plus degree air on a long hard run,.... well I've been thinking about this. I haven't experienced the power...
  6. chucky1

    Getting those Dumb Nut Covers Off

    Had my wheels off today. Does anyone have a better way of getting those stupid plastic caps off other than the little wire thing that tries its hardest to scratch your wheels and drive your blood pressure up? Am I missing something?
  7. chucky1

    The B9 RS4 Motor?

    Pretty cool if it is.
  8. chucky1

    Crazy Mod

    Check it out guys. I was on this US site and found a mega mod. S5 and R8s only, sorry. Almost worth getting rid of the avant to do this. There's also a product to split your bonnet. How good is your exchange rate at the moment? These are 20% off right now. Go on. You know you want to.
  9. chucky1

    New Ideas for Audi

    Tell me if you think this is rubbish, or it's the ramblings of a guy post nightshift, but here goes. We are all Audi drivers. Some longer than others. Different models, engines, shapes and sizes. We are from different parts of the world, that said 99.9% on here are from the UK. BUT we all have...
  10. chucky1

    Stage 2 tune on order.

    I got hooked on this site originally after reading a review by warrenS5 on his Revo tune. Well, after a lot of research I ordered the tune on my Avant today. She's booked in in a couple of weeks . Wish it was tomorrow, but due to work etc....... On order is an APR Stage 2 tune with pulley...
  11. chucky1

    Number Plate Covers

    It's pretty much just a cosmetic thing but something I've noticed is that you guys don't seem to use these. Is it against the rules? Our dealers have them made with there names etc on them. I am still to swap out the one on my Avant with a new one that is not an advertisement. Heaps neater.They...
  12. chucky1

    Who doesn't like clean wheels?

    Had the new Akebono pads put in last week. I've done about a thousand kmtrs since then. Pretty well spotless. I can't tell the difference except for the clean wheels. Euro Ceramics. Front and rear. The photo is a front wheel after getting home after a long drive up the coast yesterday.
  13. chucky1

    How do you guys move (sell) cars?

    I sold my 2012 3 ltr Tdi A4 today in Sydney via internet advertising. We have a healthy 2nd hand market. Trade ins can be insulting with the dealers then selling them for heaps more. Auctions exist, and "pop up" strips of road just kind of happen with people sticking signs in the window. A lot...
  14. chucky1

    Stone Chips?

    While the S4 is pretty new, its time to do a clear urethane wrap of the bonnet and leading edges. We can get big stone chips here when highway driving thanks normally to trucks or other cars straying into the hard shoulder a bit. I've done this before and it works very well. I've got a good mate...
  15. chucky1

    Another Day in Paradise

    Woohoo another absolute sparkler in Sydney today boys! 2nd day at work. Been down the beach for coffee. Hotties everywhere!! Is this Audi related? Suppose I've got to mention it, it's in the garage safe and sound. Where are all you guys?
  16. chucky1

    This is a Really Good Forum

    I know I'm on the other side of the world. Speed cameras aren't orange. And you get Top Gear episodes before us. But Daytona is Daytona. And 0-62 is just the same. Just wanted to say I'm enjoying the forum. There are plenty of guys who obviously know heaps, and lots like me, who don't know quite...
  17. chucky1

    Low Dust Pads

    This is something I have done in the past. Akebono Euro Ceramics. Rotors left as is. I couldn't feel any braking difference. My wheels stayed clean. I'm not lazy, but cleaning wheels is something I don't look forward to. When the Avant is having its 1st service this will be done for sure. The 5...
  18. chucky1

    Alu Kreuz for Right Hand Drives

    I'm surprised these aren't made in R hand drive configuration. Seems like a non invasive, relatively inexpensive, modification that makes sense. Tightens everything up, bringing it all together. The reviews consider it a no brainer. I'm a lone voice in a small market comparatively speaking over...
  19. chucky1

    Choice of Inlay

    Lots of cars being ordered here but its not often anyone mentions their choice of inlay. Our "default" here seems to be fine ash. I think its kind of nice, but there are a no. of great finishes Audi have. My S4 has Carbon Atlas. Love it. Like the look of Piano Black but is it difficult to keep...
  20. chucky1

    Hate to be a dumb Ozzy but......

    Guys I'm sure your all gonna laugh. Can you tell me what NULL means. I've seen it written everywhere here. I cannot figure out the context. Ha ha