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  1. Migwire

    Fuel prices on MMI

    On my 2017 A4, it had a feature within Audi Connect that brought up fuel prices. Does the 2021 model still do this? I saw a screenshot online that shows them in the search box next to the petrol station name but mine doesn't display these.
  2. Migwire

    Quantum grey suggested regime?

    I've a quantum grey BE and used to quite enjoy detailing my other cars but not really paid that much attention to the scene recently. What to get back into looking after this one so looking for advice on which way to go. It's a 3 year lease car so not that bothered about getting it...
  3. Migwire

    Dashcam for new car

    Take delivery of a quantum grey BE 40 TFSI saloon on Friday and now adamant I want a dashcam. In November, the wife hit a deer in her Fiesta Vignale and smashed the front end. It was in the garage door 3 weeks. We got it back on a Saturday and on Monday I thought I would take it to work for a...
  4. Migwire

    Pre-sense city

    Taking delivery of a 40TFSI BE saloon this month and looking at the user manual shared on another thread. Noticed the section on Pre-Sense. The vehicle comes as standard with Pre-Sense city and the configurator suggests it works up to 53mph, which is what I've always assumed my current B9 did...
  5. Migwire

    Servicing at franchised dealer

    My car is due to go back to Audi Finance in April and it's on a PCP. It's due a service and MOT just before returning. Been reading my agreement and it states I must take reasonable care of the vehicle but can't see any requirement to use a franchised dealer. So, if I use an Audi specialist...
  6. Migwire

    Servicing car before handing back

    I'm taking delivery of a new A4 in March on a lease after Audi were offering ridiculously low trade in value for my PCP A4. It's due a service and MOT. I thought it was due an oil change so called Audi to arrange that and the MOT and they've just advised me it requires the major service which...
  7. Migwire

    Named driver claim

    Few weeks ago a deer ran out in front of the wife in her Fiesta Vignale and smashed the front end of her car in. She claimed on the insurance and it was in repair for 3 weeks and got it back on Saturday. She's off work this week, so I decided to give the car a run out yesterday and take it to...
  8. Migwire

    Audi dealer Facebook offers

    Newcastle Audi have been putting quite a few offers on their Facebook page lately. Last week they had delivery mileage A8 Black Editions with £42k discount, offering them for £42k. On Friday they had a selection of A6 deals. I enquired about the A6 black edition with tech pack for £32,995...
  9. Migwire

    Is this tyre repairable?

    Just noticed this screw in the rear tyre of the wife's Fiesta Vignale. Anyone know if it can be repaired? Has 7mm of tread but is quite close to the sidewall. Don't want to take it out as she hasn't got a spare.
  10. Migwire

    Android Auto becoming temperamental

    Is anyone else noticing reliability issues with the updated Android Auto? I have a Galaxy S9, and the issues in using AA, an app I really like, are really starting to vex me. Quite often when speaking to it, it just hangs and doesn't carry out the instruction, plus, over the last month or two...
  11. Migwire

    Scratch on boot

    We're having an extension built and a scrap man decided to take some of the old steelwork off the drive this morning and hit my car with it (caught on CCTV) ‍♂️ The scratch is through to bare metal. What's the best way to fix this? Touch up paint? Smart repair etc? Sent from my SM-G930F using...
  12. Migwire

    Pre-sense activation

    This morning I was driving on a 50mph section of the A1, when I glanced at the MMI just as all the traffic in front came to an abrupt halt. The pre sense worked flawlessly and brought the car to a very abrupt halt, and scared the hell out of me but boy what a relief because the alternative...
  13. Migwire

    Steering wheel click when turning

    When turning the steering wheel with the indicator on, there's a click at regular intervals as if the indicator mechanism is racheting as the steering wheel is turned. Is this normal on the A4? Can't ever remember the A3 making this noise. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  14. Migwire

    How much to repair bumper scuff?

    [emoji19] Can't believe I just reversed into the house and scuffed all my bumper. Absolutely miles away! Any idea on cost to repair?? What a week.... Lost my dad, got a dreadful cold and now this - think I'll go sit under the stairs and cry! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  15. Migwire

    Manual gear stick buzz/rattle

    Has anyone experienced an annoying buzzing/ rattle from the gear stick on a manual? My 190 TDI now has 500 miles on it and it's making an annoying noise in most gears upwards of 3rd. My 8V A3 never had such a noise. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  16. Migwire

    Possibility of cancelling order

    Prior to ordering the A4 I was looking at the C Class. I had wanted an A4 Avant or C Class estate but the costs were far more than I was comfortable paying. Drive the Deal currently have Mercedes in stock at a dealer and the deal on the C250D AMG estate looks very tempting. It's got the...
  17. Migwire

    Likelihood of March 1st delivery

    When I ordered my new A4 last week the dealer said it was scheduled to enter production in week 2. The your Audi website though states it's scheduled for 6th February. What's the chances of it being ready for collection on March 1st if it's only entering production three weeks before my...
  18. Migwire

    Ordered a new A4

    Well, having absolutely screwed Newcastle Audi into the floor I managed to get them to beat the Orangewheels price on a new A4 Ultra S Line in daytona with privacy glass and B&O. Delivery March 1. Likely to sell my A3 privately or VT it rather than take their part ex offer. So it'll be...
  19. Migwire

    Considering a new A4

    I'm considering swapping my A3 for a new A4 Ultra S Line saloon. Could anyone tell me though, does the standard none tech pack A4 have the ability to show the vehicle speed in the driver information system and does it also have the Audi connect services as in the A3? Sent from my SM-G930F...
  20. Migwire

    Quotation from dealer

    Just had a quotation from my dealer for an A3 Saloon, 2.0TFSI Black Edition with metallic paint. Can anyone try and explain it to me as I'm just not seeing what he's doing with the figures. He's valuing my current car at £13500, and I have a settlement figure of £14910. The quote is based on...