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  1. Scullies

    Visual ME7 Logger

    Is anyone using the Visual ME7 logger software?
  2. Scullies

    Adjustable FPR (fuel pressure regulator)

    I am going with the adjustable FPR route and was wondering if you guys could share some pictures of your adjustable FPR setups.
  3. Scullies

    Alternative website to

    It seems is down or extinct. I found this site which seems to be exactly the same as partsbase was.
  4. Scullies

    Exhaust tips - Group buy

    Anyone interested in a group buy for some custom tips? Perfect piece to finish off that cat back,
  5. Scullies

    Solid prop shaft donut ???

    What are your thoughts on a solid prop shaft donut? I got this made, its about 20mm smaller in diameter than the OEM one. Reused the steel inserts from the OEM donut, so the drive shaft bolts don't eat into the the aluminium. Reason : OEM one was starting to fall apart and the solid one will...
  6. Scullies

    adjustable rear tie bar question...

    Is the any benefit of fitting upper and lower rear adjustable tie bars on a S3? I have a certain big turbo TT in my possession and busy swapping parts out with my S3. My S3 and the TT both have adjustable tie bars, so wondering if there's any benefit in fitting them both on my S3.
  7. Scullies

    Youtube Channel - Roadkill

    Thought I would share this "series" - its a good laugh
  8. Scullies

    Aeroquip push on hose fail!!

    So this happened..... and the problem.... So much for "upgrading" from crappy hose and hose clamps to Aeroquip. Aeroquip rated for 250psi !!! In their dreams !!! My oil pressure is max 70psi. Got industrial hose now with the hydraulic crimped on fittings.
  9. Scullies

    ME7.5 ECU info

    Thought I would share...... I bought a wide-band me7.5 from a 2001 passat 1.8t to use as a spare ecu. Reason I bought the passat ecu is that they are cheap on eBay and my thinking was its me7.5 and my S3 is me7.5, so in theory the passat ecu should work in my S3 after reflash. I bought that...
  10. Scullies

    Manual timing tensioner - diy idea - Plausible or busted?

    Think I had a brain fart this evening while working on my S3 cambelt timing. I think if have worked out a way to use the oem 1.8t cambelt tensioner as a manual tensioner. I have spaced out the bolt that goes through the pulley, with a washer. This prevents the shoulder of bolt from protruding...
  11. Scullies

    Mk7 Gti turbo on a 20V

    Just thought I would plant the seed and see where things go :wacko: Mk7 Gti turbo orientation is the same way as 8L S3, but it bolts directly onto the head as there is no manifold on the new TSI engines. The "manifold" is incorporated into the head and is cooled by coolant. APR are claiming...
  12. Scullies

    Cat Cam setup info + video link

    Found this on the interweb, thought it might be of interest to someone someday and a similar story from Integrated Engineering Adjusting camshaft center lines on a big turbo Audi | IE AutoBlog
  13. Scullies

    aluminium vbands?

    Has anyone used aluminium vbands to seal boost pipes? I am thinking about vbanding the turbo outlet on my turbo, so I can get the charge pipe to sit a bit lower and also do away with the silicone coupler and clamps.
  14. Scullies

    Rear seat delete

    Was wondering if anyone has done a rear seat delete on their A3/S3. Seen my mates TT with the rear seat delete kit done. It looks pretty cool. Would be a nice place to put the battery, stereo system amp, wmi setup and a windscreen washer fluid tank, all covered up by a false floor. 2dr gti...
  15. Scullies

    01177 fault code - anyone resolved this

    01177 - Engine Control Unit 64-10 - Not Currently Testable - Intermittent Helping a mate with his TT, the car cranks over but does not start. There is spark so I assume there is no fuel being injected into the cylinders. Did a full scan and found the above fault code. I have searched the...
  16. Scullies

    FYI - Fault codes - 17965 17938 17697

    So had some drama, was driving around and all was well, slowed down to a stop street. Pulled off and only made wastegate pressure, also noticed a fair bit of rattling from the engine. So drove home slowly. Checked for faults and found these - WTF! 17965 - Boost pressure regulation valve (N75)...
  17. Scullies

    Spark plug info

    Found this info about spark plugs for the 20v engines. What are your thoughts? Best Spark Plug Explaination for 1.8t Incl. Heat Range Info I have change to copper plugs - NGK BKR7E
  18. Scullies

    AEB vs AGU

    My buddy is looking at putting a GTX28 in his TT and buying an AEB or AGU head but can only get a complete AEB engine or AGU engine. So...... Are there any differences between AEB head and AGU? Are all AEB engines from the 058 block? My idea is for him to buy the AGU engine, take the head...