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  1. marktdisport

    Few pics of the R.....

    Well after owning my much loved A4 B6 tdi sport I went back to petrol power as the diesel was fast but didn't tick all my I purchased another cupra R it was a 800 mile around trip and 14 hrs driving to collect it but worth it for 3k.....
  2. marktdisport

    A big thanks and a goodbye

    Just want to say a big thanks for the help and advise which as helped out in the last 16mths or so of owening my fantastic b6 but I fell in love with another seat cupra once it's sold I will pop on here but will be lots less, thanks James for all the b6 info and stickys theyve been a...
  3. marktdisport

    Strange experience

    One day last week started up my 1.9tdi and it seemed to rev up a slight bit never done it before then today took the kids swimming and started up to it revving at 1500 rpm for around 10 seconds the come back down but it was shaking and seemed to missfire gave it a rev and its been sweet ever...
  4. marktdisport

    S4 b5 front callipers

    Right lads I've got a set of b5 callipers of a 1999 s4.. I've been asked if these will merry up to a 99 s3 as he's not happy with the single pot set up I'm happy for him to take them and try and find out for him self as I don't have the foggiest idea... So just wondering if any of you lads have...
  5. marktdisport

    Bit of fun !!!

    After a chat with a m8 yesterday saying how much I've done to my car over the year !! So I thought how much have we all spent on upgrades and personnel changes to our cars... we added mine up to around 3k !! Ouch.... And it still looks the same lol... new turbo new wheels remapped radio...
  6. marktdisport


    So from a previous thread about brakes made me wanna spend some ££ so i got hold of a set of s4 callipers from a T reg 2.7 S4.. so just searching for brake conversions then just came across alex asking a question about pre facelift to facelift callipers being different does this make any...
  7. marktdisport


    well im well happy with the H&R what was fitted yesterday i went for the 35mm springs as i didnt really want my sport much lower just wanted to get the 18"s to fill out the front arches that little bit and its done that perfect as many state the drop difference on a sport aint that big but the...
  8. marktdisport


    today my air con stopped working and the econ light is stuck on its got loads of pressure and was recently regassed about 12mths ago, so im taking into acount thats all good, just read on the B7 section its the sensor in the air con rad itself.... there isnt a fan coming on as usual or the...
  9. marktdisport


    Hi folks, been offered a caravan at a very good price from a work m8 who aint short of cash for about £1500-1700 cheaper than it should be due to me saying ill take it shortly in the future so he dont have to mess around advertising it when he's buying is new one, so my question is can a towbar...
  10. marktdisport


    Had my car serviced yesterday and swopped the thermostat in the process and now reads 90oc after a few mins of start up not like the 70oc its been running lately until it was a humid day or a ragged it a little......lets see if the mpg increases any
  11. marktdisport

    Raceland coilovers

    another cheaper brand but just googled them with loads of great reviews anyone with a b6 tryed and tested them.... it just seems funny how all the reviews ive read are really great and no bad or yeah there ok for the money were the FK seems to get dissed really bad in all acounts
  12. marktdisport

    anyone tryed these bulbs ???

    CLEAR XENON headlight bulbs Audi A4 with fogs H7 H7 501 | eBay
  13. marktdisport

    what to do after wheels refurbed

    hey guys just had my sline rs6 styles back from being powder coating and really want to try and keep them sweeeeeeet SO !!! whats the best thing to do i see and hear people talk about sealing the wheels... please help i dont understand what sealing is...... ive never been an experts on valeting...
  14. marktdisport

    thoughts please

    right as most of you know ive just purchased some rs6 alloys which are booked in for a refurb next week so my 18" toora's which came with my car are coming off theyare very tatty and been rattle tin painted by the looks of things..... i was going to bin them to be honest but my freind says im...
  15. marktdisport

    pic request please

    spoke to a alloy wheel refurber today about the rs6 but he said they would look sweet being grey but im ok with silver... so does anyone have and silver b6 with grey rs6 please
  16. marktdisport

    twin exhaust bumper anyone

    nice mod for someone....eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  17. marktdisport

    Has any remapped 1.9 diesels been dyno'd

    has anyone had there 130hp A4 mapped and then had them on a dyno to see if they make the desired power and torque they claim to be improved to...... just wondering if i should see about putting the claim to the test... or any other models we have in an A4 diesel
  18. marktdisport

    dmf clutch

    Hi guys ive posted in general but no help so just thought id do another thread in here.... just brought a genuine vag dmf and clutch kit of a m8 who works at vw main stealers before i send the car in to my local service repairer i was trying to double check the parts are ok he gave me a invioce...
  19. marktdisport

    part number request can you help

    i there i have a 1.9tdi 130 AWX on a 52 plate 5speed manual box, im after part numbers to double check my m8 as came up with a cracking price for the goods i need is there anyone who can help plz..... PARTS NUMBERS REQUIRED..... FLYWHEEL...... CLUTCH KIT...... FLYWHEEL BOLTS...... REAR MAIN...
  20. marktdisport


    Anyone ever replaced a glass as my drivers side heated element isnt as good as the nearside, so ive ordered a new oem replacement just wondered if anybody as a diagram or and ideas were to start as i take it there very fiddly, thanks