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  1. Customboy

    Hi everyone I'm back in a Audi and loving it ;)

    Hi everyone, well I'm back, been a while as my Audi a3 1.8t 8l was written off and left me Injured and heartbroken as I did so much work on it, but I bought a Subaru impreza wagon and spend loads modding her and having fun but alas it wasnt a Audi here she is below She was running 337bhp with...
  2. Customboy

    I'm back but sadly not in a Audi (don't hate me lol )

    Hi everyone sorry it's been quite some time since I posted, but had so much going on and thought I would post a update and just see overall how everyone is doing, Well sadly a few months ago for those who don't know my lovely Audi was written off, a week before I was getting ready for my k04...
  3. Customboy

    A very sad goodbye for now...

    Right everyone where do I start sadly on Sunday afternoon my car was smashed into and quite badly damaged and look like it may be written off, this accident has completely devastated me and broken my heart in so many ways, I was left battered and bruised but slowly recovering but ok, but this...
  4. Customboy

    My Build Thread, Standard, Stage1, Stage2, K04 Conversion and Onwards.......

    Ok everyone ihave finally decided to sit down and write this thread out, mainly because i see new members joining everyday and going down the same road as i have and also this may help them along the way so enjoy and if you have any questions feel free to ask me anything, My car is a Audi A3...
  5. Customboy

    As asked for pics of COV meet at COLLIERS WOOD and AMD Rolling Road (PIC HEAVY)!!!

    Hi everyone as requested by most great members here, I have uploaded the pics and will display them below of the comrades of vag colliers wood meet and the great AMD. Rolling road day, this has been done by me for all those members who don't have or are not members of Facebook but if u are...
  6. Customboy

    Link to pictures of COV Meet last night and COV rolling road day meet!

    Here is the link to a Facebook group I have set up for last nights pics and today's rolling road pics at AMD Essex for all members of Audi sport and comrades of vag enjoy Customboy aka bobby
  7. Customboy

    Hooray just collected my manifold !!

    Hi there all as everyone knows I'm on the quest for k04 power and soon will start my conversion, but just this morning went to collect my new relentless manifold from a mate called dan, can't thank him enough for the great deal and can't wait for the fun to begin, on another note I love my car...
  8. Customboy

    Jetex filter 80mm video

    Hi everyone as requested here is the video of the jetex filter I just fitted to my car hope u enjoy it I just love the sound !
  9. Customboy

    jetex filter fitted and wow!!

    hi there all well today i fitted my jetex cone filter 80mm neck and all i can say is wow what a great filter, i have used many different kinds of kits on my car, from carbonio to simota and was happy using my pipercross panel filter but thought i would fit my jetex and see what happens, and for...
  10. Customboy

    My k04 conversion progress thread with pics !

    Hi there all I know I haven't had much time to be on here as much as I would like sorry about that all but thought I would keep everyone posted about my k04 conversion, ok as most people know I'm running stage 2 a3 agu with 222bhp and 250ftlb torque, and after meeting everyone at ace cafe with...
  11. Customboy

    Quick question or advise needed

    Hi everyone just wanted to ask is it ok to fit a vr6 maf and large jetex filter to my car running stage 2 or would that be a big no no?
  12. Customboy

    A little help please

    Hi there everyone whilst talking to beachbuggy he gave a brilliant idea for my turbo conversion and now I just need a little help, does anyone know if it's possible to buy a turbo adapter flange for my ko3s to fit a ko4 I have seen one on the website below see pic
  13. Customboy

    Quick question about my k04 conversion

    hi there everyone hope you are all having a good easter just wanted to post a thread to ask a few questions, right as most of you know im now going down the k04 turbo conversion and i have got the following bits: K04-023 turbo off bam engine covered on 44k no play or problems anywhere K04...
  14. Customboy

    Car feels better then ever after mods today!

    Well today I fitted my S3 brakes to my Audi and also braided brake lines and 5.1 racing fluid, and the car feels so much better, stops dead on and so firm loving every minute of it a big shout and thank u to my mate dan for fitting plus also fitted new clear side indicators and replaced front...
  15. Customboy

    What have I done!!

    Well as the title says I haven't even let the wheels cool down after my stage 2 and I have only gone and got a k04 023 turbo!! I got the lines and manifold and turbo is sweet and clean no play of cracks I'm still in shock !! Already spoke to nick @ rtech about booking in for remap and what else...
  16. Customboy

    Led Lights Fitted Pics Added

    Hi there everyone well after hearing about my rear number plate lights not working at ace cafe meet I decided to ring my mate up to replace the lights and thought at the same time after seeing westys great car at ace would follow suit and replace my interior lights as well and I love them gives...
  17. Customboy

    What is the actual colour of my car?

    Hi there all just another quick question for you all what is the colour of my car? I have no idea what the actual Name is from Audi ?
  18. Customboy

    K04 Turbo Upgrade Query

    Hi there all well as most of you know i have finally finished doing a stage 2 on my audi but already after seeing everyone at ace cafe and speaking to nick at rtech the bug has bitten me bad and even before letting the car get used to running stage 2 im looking to get stage 3 now!! yeah im crazy...
  19. Customboy

    Ace cafe meet last night, and my pics.

    Well I was totally shattered after a hard day driving but had a fantastic day at rtech and finally got a chance to open her out a bit on the journey home and man was I smiling lol but here's s few pics I took last night at ace and was a great pleasure meeting everyone and getting some great...
  20. Customboy

    Back to R-Tech today!! Then Ace Cafe straight from there!!

    Well everyone I'm just getting ready now to shoot 150 miles to rtech to tweak my stage two remap and up the boost as I'm only running 14 psi but hopefully things go well then will be shooting straight to ace cafe from there to meet all you guys so wish me luck for a long day and those who are...