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  1. DJ-S3

    Question for you guys/girls

    I've sold my car and I have the original fuel pump internals still. would anyone want these or is it a lost cause? Also if it would be good to anyone, how much should I put them up for? Another thing, if you want any standard bits (Audi S3 8P) check out the classifieds, just put some stuff for...
  2. DJ-S3

    Friends just bought a Evo X 300sst...

    As the title says, I know your all going to say the build quality of the s3 is better, but I was wondering which would be faster? His Evo, or my stage 2+ S3? Now I'd imagine his would destroy me 0-60 but on a run mine might claw it back/keep up with him.... I know the SST has the flappy...
  3. DJ-S3

    Driving down to Switzerland on Thursday :D

    Me and my friend decided yesterday that as we have the same time off were going to drive down to Switzerland and go on some of their awesome roads. You know, like top gear did when they went to find the best driving roads in the world. Stelvio pass I do believe was there favourite. Well were...
  4. DJ-S3

    I can't be the only one...

    Who else checks their cars regularly for bird poo? I do it when I wake up to make sure there isn't any left to bake into my paint work. Then at dinner. I don't use my car for work. I have a work van. So it's just sat there all week until the weekend. I had one day last week where the bird poo...
  5. DJ-S3

    R8 oil cap

    Mine sits at an angle and I want it to be straight. I'm sure I read somewhere that it can be taken apart to be made to sit straight. I just can't find the thread through search engine anymore and I've been searching for 30minutes. Can anyone help me out. Dom
  6. DJ-S3

    Bonnet won't release...!

    Right, I've asked this somewhere before but I've asked about and no one knows how to get the bonnet open without the release mechanism in the drivers footwell. It's all connected down there but must go wrong under the bonnet. Does anyone know how to get under the bonnet without using the...
  7. DJ-S3

    My day is getting worse!! Cd error service...?

    Right I'm assuming I'll need vcd's to sort this? Or is a remove and dismantle job? Bassically as I was driving home my cd started skipping and then just stopped. When I tried to eject it is goes bong, cd error service. So I can't even eject the damn thing!! Bonnet latch and now this. I reckon...
  8. DJ-S3

    Ahhhhh my bonnet release won't work...

    Went to check my oil today as I do ever other weekend and when I pulled the bonnet release it pulled really easily, and I didn't hear the bonnet pop open. Not sure what I've done but now I can't open the bonnet. Anyone know how to get the bonnet open without the release mechanism? Or how much...
  9. DJ-S3


    How much for the gloss black B-pillars fory Audi S3 8PM 56plate? I don't need new rivets as I've got loads of them. Dom
  10. DJ-S3

    Multifunction steering wheel controls

    My question is, Where do i get the surrounds as mines got scratches and it annoys me? If/when i find some how easy is it to swap? Dom
  11. DJ-S3

    Bottom of the S3 door.

    Think my other half has opened the door onto a high curb or something, (taken a notch out of it) basically, it looks like the bottom part is just screwed on. Anyone know where to get a new one? A part from Audi... Dom
  12. DJ-S3

    Ferodo DS2500 Brake Pads

    Is it me or are they nearly impossible to find for a Audi S3 8P? I've only found one site, surely there must be more than just one site....? Also i am right in thinking there a direct replacement for my originals and won't throw any warnings on the dash? Just trying to find some new pads as...
  13. DJ-S3

    Clutch Replacement labour?

    Audi S3 8P 56 Plate Hey, just wondering if anyone knows of any places that you guys trust to replace a clutch? I live in wakefield but willing to travel if their highly recommended. Also what would you expect to pay for labour? As i already have the clutch and all the parts needed...
  14. DJ-S3

    New clutch. How long to run in??

    As the title says... I will be soon replacing my stock clutch with a Loba/Sachs Organic smf kit. What would everyone say the amount of miles I have to give it with steady driving before I can give her the beans? Then get the stage 2+ on her when she's been properly run in. Audi S3 56plate with...
  15. DJ-S3

    Down pipe

    Just had my milltek down pipe decat fitted to the milltek cat back that I had fitted a while a go and I was expecting a warning light of some sort. I don't seem to have one... My car is a Audi S3 56plate. I've had a revo stage 1 map on it for over a year now. Do you think they put the map on...
  16. DJ-S3

    Worst day ever!! Lost my key!

    Right, lost my car key in the snow somewhere. Went out with the dog to play in the snow, half way through the walk I checked to see if my car key was still there but it wasn't. Retraced my footsteps in the snow but still couldn't find them! I've got a spare key that works fine, but now I only...
  17. DJ-S3

    Fitting of downpipe?

    How much do you guys and girls think it should cost to get one fitted by a garage? Friend of mine was going to do it but his girl friend has just popped her 2nd child out. Ha. So can't really ask him now. How many hours would it take? How much? Audi s3 with cat back milltek already fitted. Dom
  18. DJ-S3

    My spacers have sheared at the hub!!

    I bought (well actually my brother in Australia) some 10mm FK hub centric spacers from yourself just before Xmas. I got them fitted on the 24 of December last year (2012) and I've just taken my rear wheels off to fit some 12mm hub centric spacers instead and to put the 10mm ones on the front...
  19. DJ-S3

    My spacers

    Hey everyone. Had my spacers fitted to the rear wheels 10mm ones and they don't look to fill the arches... My car is a S3 56plate with original wheels. I was thinking of moving the 10mm spacers to the front and getting some 12mm (actually 13mm as there FK's) for the rears. What does everyone...
  20. DJ-S3

    Spacers... Now need longer locking wheel bolts

    Bought some 10mm spacers but not sure how to go about ordering some locking wheel bolts... It asks me loads of questions which i dn't know the answer to. My car is a 56plate S3 with standard alloys and standard suspension. Anyone fancy helping me?? Thread Seat Shaft length Head size Thanks...