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  1. Daniel Knight

    Imola Yellow S3

    Does anyone have an Imola Yellow S3 they would consider selling?
  2. Daniel Knight

    Miltek System?

    Hi All, Has anyone fitted the Miltek full system to their S3? What's the sound like and does it drone at all? I've tried searching for videos on this but I'm not having much luck. DK
  3. Daniel Knight

    Facelift Car Cutting Out at Lower Revs

    Twice this week my car has cut out at lower revs, by this I mean blipping the throttle below 3K revs. It happened both times as my car was warming up. Also, the car is chugging a bit more at idle. The last Oil change was around 3K ago, I had a new PCV around the same time. NGK spark plugs -...
  4. Daniel Knight

    S3 Door Trim/Blades

    Hi All, I'm looking for a replacement door trim/blade for the left door of my S3. I tried bodging the trim I have back onto the car, failed and now I need a replacement. Audi have quoted me £90.43 but have said it could take months before the part arrives, figured I would try my luck here before...
  5. Daniel Knight

    Facelift Front Disc Replacement

    Hi All, I need to replace my front discs and wanted some advice on possible options. I've been looking at vagbremtechnic 2 piece discs - has anyone fitted these and are they any good?
  6. Daniel Knight

    MRC Stage 1 - Car Safety

    The title of this thread is a little ominous but it's late and I couldn't think how else to ask the following: I've recently had some work done on my car by MRC, I've had a Stage 1 remap, high flow filter, revised coil packs fitted, NRG race spark plugs, Forge inlet pipe, Forge turbo elbow and...
  7. Daniel Knight

    Sportback Intermittent Flashing Engine Management Light

    Hi All, The car went into MRC this week for a Stage 1 remap, high flow filter and some Forge intake parts. I'm really impressed by how much it's transformed the car however I have noticed something a bit weird.. As I pull through the gears, when I'm in 4th at 3,500/5000rpm the car makes a...
  8. Daniel Knight

    Facelift Another month, another tyre.

    Another tyre blew on me yesterday. Same issues as the others before it, the inside wall had worn down to the beading. My 6th, yes, 6th front tyre in 13 months. For added context my car has done 29K miles but this tyre issue is getting a little out of control now! I'm off to Geneva on Friday...
  9. Daniel Knight

    Facelift RS3 Smoke Issue?

    Hi All, Over the past 2/3 weeks I've noticed white smoke is coming from the left side (if you were looking at the car head on) of my grill. I've checked all my levels and they are fine - Oil, Coolant etc. It also seems to be on any journey regardless of length, I've driven my car half an hour...
  10. Daniel Knight

    Facelift Tracking RS3 with Pirellis?

    Not sure if this has been asked before but, I'm tracking my car in December and am wanted to know if anyone has done it with the RO2 Pirelli's? I'm thinking of buying a set of Michelin's but don't know whether it's worth it, if the Pirelli's hold up well I'll just stick with them. Any advice...
  11. Daniel Knight

    Facelift Weird Tyre Wear on RS3 (FL)

    I've had my RS3 for 6 months from brand new. It's had a couple of ongoing issues during this time such as the oil consumption and squeaky brakes. After going back and forth with Audi (as they could never replicate the brakes) they finally discovered an issue with 2 of my pads. Whilst replacing...
  12. Daniel Knight

    Racing Line OEM+ Software (FL RS3)

    Hi, Has anybody had the Racing Line OEM+ software installed in their RS3? If so, is there a noticeable difference, the figures on their website would suggest there would be. Also, any issues since installing or horror stories? Thanks!
  13. Daniel Knight

    Facelift Unplugging RS3 Exhaust Valves

    Sorry if this question has already been asked but could anybody link me to a post/video that explains how to unplug the valves on a facelift RS3? Alternatively if anybody has done this themselves to their own facelift RS3 please explain how. Thanks!
  14. Daniel Knight

    RS3 Delivery Time?

    Hi, I ordered an RS3 in mid August and I am being told by Audi they cannot confirm a build week for the car and I should expect January/February for delivery. I wouldn't be as bothered if I didn't keep seeing new RS3's being delivered in the UK! My guess is some people are buying showroom...
  15. Daniel Knight

    S3 Tracker?

    Hi All, There has been a few S3's stolen in my surrounding areas recently and I am thinking it's time to invest in a tracker, do any of you have any suggestions for a tracker that isn't majorly expensive or if it is, one that I can monthly for? Cheers
  16. Daniel Knight

    235/35/19 Tyres..

    Does anyone know if these would fit a 2015 S3?
  17. Daniel Knight

    A Question about Tires..

    I recently bought some Rotiform BLQ DDT (19x8.5) which came with 215/35/19 stretched tires. I have never had stretched tires before and I don't know how safe they are. I have looked online and from what I can tell I have a pretty minimal stretch but is anybody clued up on what I should look out...
  18. Daniel Knight

    S3 Damaged! Hit and Run

    No, I didn't drive hit somebody and drive off! Instead someone hit my car with theirs and drove off. Fortunately the damage isn't too bad - I can't make it to an Audi garage this week but would anybody have a rough idea of how much this would cost to have repaired?
  19. Daniel Knight

    Weird noise coming from wheels (S3)

    Hi, On Friday my brand new S3 was delivered. Since then whenever I drive it slowly there is a strange sound coming from the front drivers side wheel (best guess) - the best way I can describe is a chain being dragged along the floor. I live in a pretty big residential area packed with speed...
  20. Daniel Knight

    A3 - Timing belt question

    Hi All, I have a 2008 1.9 TDi 105 A3 that has done 75,500 miles. I am unsure whether or not the timing belt needs changing. The service history isn't very clear and I have contacted the Audi garage that last serviced it but they have no record of whether the timing belt was changed or not. A...