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  1. TomBlueS3

    BCS exhaust experience

    Hi all, Does anyone have the BCS cat back WRC system on their S3 8v? What’s the noise like on cold start up? Is it OEM or louder? Also does anyone have the BCS anti drone pipe with their flaps open all the time? Is there any drone? Thanks all in advance
  2. TomBlueS3

    Cambelt or chain?

    Hi all, I have always been under the impression my S3 8v pre FL (2015) had a cambelt and I’m lead to believe the interval for changing these is every 5 years or 60k. After a little Google I’ve found various posts stating my engine is chain driven and doesn’t need replacing for the life of the...
  3. TomBlueS3

    BCS Cat back

    Hi all, After trying various exhaust brands and never being happy, too droney, too quiet etc. I’m looking at going for a BCS Cat back - lots of noise when you boot it and quiet when driving normally. Has anyone got one on here? What are they like long term? Is it worth going to their shop...
  4. TomBlueS3

    Stock S3 exhaust?

    Hi all, I’ve recently had my stock S3 exhaust refitted and can’t help notice the tips appear to hang a lot lower than they did originally - is this just in my head because I’m used to aftermarket exhausts filling the gaps more or do I have a problem? Thank you :)
  5. TomBlueS3

    OEM DV

    Does anyone know which revision letter is the lastest part from Audi for the 8v S3? Also does anyone know an approx price for one? Cheers :) (Currently have a GFB DV+ but putting car back to stock)
  6. TomBlueS3

    Stealership interim price

    My car is coming up for its first service since I’ve owned it (currently full Audi service history) it’s due it’s interim service which as we all know is basically an oil and oil filter change. I plan to use the stealership for servicing just until the warranty runs out (2021). I will of...
  7. TomBlueS3

    Horrible noises after decat

    After a recent cat removal, I have noticed an awful rattle/noise around 2k. It feels like the whole dash board and centre console are rattling. I’ve put my hand on the roof lining and can feel it vibrating there. Is this normal after a decat? Will it settle down after a while or has something...
  8. TomBlueS3

    Undecided exhaust?

    Evening! :) I’ve recently changed exhausts systems and although it sounds amazing on WOT, the DSG noise and overrun is extremely muted. This is possibly down to the big centre resonater that comes with it. I originally had a resonated Cobra cat back and that was loud with plenty of DSG noise...
  9. TomBlueS3

    Leaky engine oil cap?

    Hi all, This morning I’ve noticed a fair amount of oil residue from my engine filler cap - on closer inspection I have noticed it isn’t properly closed/sealed tightly allowing a small amount of oil to leak out. I have taken the cap off and replaced several times but no matter what I can’t get...
  10. TomBlueS3

    Revo/Stage 2/Overrun

    Hi all, Just thought I’d share, today I’ve been lucky enough to go Stage 2 Revo with overrun + TCU map. Everyone says that Stage 1 is the biggest bang for buck and Stage 2 is only slightly improved - I find it the other way, Stage 1 was great but Stage 2 IS ABSOLUTELY MENTAL, plenty of low...
  11. TomBlueS3

    Disc and pad size

    Hi all, Does anyone know the size of the front and rear discs on a S3 8v (‘15) Saloon with 19’’ alloys? (Or how to find out) ECP currently have 50% off brake components. I know I could measure the discs myself but ECP have 5 different sizes two being 310mm and 312mm (This would be hard to...
  12. TomBlueS3

    Revo Overrun map?

    Hi all, Revo have finally released their exhaust overrun map! Has anyone been and got it yet? I’m booked in the next few weeks for the upgrade, I’m really looking forward to hearing it. Revo describe it as ‘OEM+ and not pops and bags’ which I think will be in keeping with the Audi badge. If...
  13. TomBlueS3

    TCU Tune with Stage 2?

    Hi all, I’m going Stage 2 Revo in the near future (just waiting for their overrun map to be released - it’s imminent!). How important is a TCU/DSG map when going Stage 2? Mainly in relation to clamping pressures. Is it safe/advisable to run S2 with no TCU tune? Cheers!
  14. TomBlueS3

    Different keys same car?

    Hi all, This morning my low battery warning came on the dashboard cluster for the key fob. So I will be buying a CR2032 battery in due course. I thought for the time being I would use the spare key...upon entering my vehicle I noticed that my clima control settings and individual settings on...
  15. TomBlueS3

    Full service + extras

    Hi all, Looking at getting a complete service for my car plus extras. I will be going to a specialist who maintain warranty + use genuine parts. I’m looking at getting; Oil + filter S tronic oil and filter Haldex filter clean + oil change Spark plugs Air con recharge + anti bac Front...
  16. TomBlueS3

    VWR R600 - Disapointed

    Hi all, I’m not normally one to slate products but when something isn’t really up to the mark it needs mentioning. This of course is my personal opinion and I understand others may feel different. I bought the product (VWR R600) along with a racing line turbo elbow and racing line silicone...
  17. TomBlueS3

    Stage 2 Map

    Hi, I am particularly interested to hear from anyone Stage 2 with Revo but obviously anyone Stage 2 regardless of mapping company your advice/comments is welcome. I’m currently Stage 1 Revo and will be going Stage 2 when they bring out their crackle map (May 2019 fingers crossed). I know an...
  18. TomBlueS3

    VWR R600 Intake

    Hi there, Does anyone know if we have anyone on here that sells the VWR R600 intake? Or any discount codes we can use? I’m looking at buying the VWR R600, silicone hose and turbo elbow (I already have muffler delete) and the cheapest I’ve found is £534. Thanks.
  19. TomBlueS3

    Decat with no map

    As the title, fitting a decat with no map will no doubt trigger an EML light at some point. However is it actually bad for the car/engine? Will the car enter limp mode? Will the turbo overboost? Or apart from the light triggering is it safe/okay to do? Cheers
  20. TomBlueS3

    Drivers door rattle

    Hi, Please can someone help...this noise is driving me CRAZY!!! The video doesn’t do it justice. I’m hoping it’s a common problem and easy fix. Thanks!