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    Will the new RS4 be a limited production run?

    Simple question: Old RS4, limited to 400 units in the UK (I think) and has great residuals. Current RS6, a regular production model with very poor residuals. New RS4...anyone know? Thanks
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    S4 tyre wear

    Just replaced all the tyres on my S4 Avant. The fronts had done 17k and the rears 12k (earlier puncture). The rears had 4-5mm left but I did'nt want them to be to out wrt the fronts. I thought that 17k was good life from the fronts and wanted fresh rubber for the start of the slippy season but...
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    S4 is 'not targeted at the family market'

    An interesting story of how I tried (and failed) to buy an S4 cab to supplement my S4 Avant: On the S4 Avant I have the option to disable the passenger airbag which comes with ISOFIX bars on the front passenger seat to supplement the ISOFIX bars in the back. Obviously if I am travelling alone...
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    S4 cab - a bit fat

    Just got the S4 cab brochure and its a bit fat! [the car that is, the brochure is the usual arty crAp, only one picture with the roof up and none of the rear seat] . It weighs 1855kg in 'wet' form with no driver (68kg) and 'handbag' (7kg). My Avant is 1720kg and the Saloon 1660kg, so with two...