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  1. Timi8888

    Selling car on pcp

    Hi all. I just wondered if anyone has sold car while still on a pcp deal? I am one year in and I am given a settlement figure. I’m told Ican sell the car privately or can wait till March at hand back as I will be 50% of way through my contract.
  2. Timi8888

    Pics of Daytona Grey with quattro stickers?

    Hi all, As above, has anyone got pics of a daytona grey with quattro stickers? I think I want a set, but not sure on colours.
  3. Timi8888

    Advanced key and debit/credit card chips

    Has anyone had the issue of their advanced key stopping your debit and credit cards working? Might just be a coincidence but I have a credit card and debit card recently both stop working with the chip. One was a card with 3 months to go before expiring, so pretty old, but my other card was...
  4. Timi8888

    Lowering Springs

    Hi all, I’m looking to get my car lowered and want to see if anyone has pics of theirs lowered on standard 18inch wheels? Also if you’re running Eibach or H&R and what the ride quality is like? I have read the H&R Supersports are the lowest with a 30/35mm drop, but maybe too much bounce. The...
  5. Timi8888

    Which extended wheel bolts do I need?

    Hi all, I have four 15mm hubcentric slip on spacers lying around and want to fit them onto my S3. I need to get some extended wheel nuts and a set of locking ones too. Does anyone know what size and type I need? A link from eBay would be GREAT if possible! Thanks
  6. Timi8888


    Does anyone know of a bootliner that will cover the rear seats when folded down, along with the boot space please? Needed for dog walking and also golf clubs.
  7. Timi8888

    Running in help

    So after a delay in picking up my S3 which was meant to be 1st of September, I've finally got a collection date of Wed (tomorrow). I just wanted to know what was the best way to run it in? Some say take it easy, and others say drive it hard from the go. Anyone got some facts for me please? They...
  8. Timi8888

    Gap Insurance

    Hi all. Looking to get some vehicle replacement GAP insurance... Invoice price of £35000 with a 5 year cover. I have narrowed it down to Direct Gap coming in @ £349, and ALA price matching then beating it @ £334. Has anyone got a discount code for Direct Gap? Or know anywhere else that is...
  9. Timi8888

    Just ordered

    Hi all, Just ordered an S3 Hatch S Tronic for September delivery. Got until Friday to confirm the spec. At the moment I have: -Daytona Grey or Ibis White -Sound and Comfort Pack -Supersports seats -Folding mirrors I was originally going to get it in Vegas Yellow, but not sure if I would...