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    front discs

    as above need new 1s any decent places to get at good price? cheers
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    single to double

    just wondering is it possible to go from single to double din head unit? my car is a late 2001 saloon,i was looking at it and i think i will ave to trim the sides of the heater controls to move them down so the double will fit,but it was just the wiring im wondering about
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    side skirts

    right got side skirts and painted them just need a bit of advice on what to use to fit them,i know to screw them in at each end but dont know what addisive to use to help stick.they are rep skirts by the way.. cheers in advance
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    cleaned the wagon

    cleaned the wagon yesterday,didnt do intirior or a machine polish as time wasnt on my side,had to do 2 bucket method as pw broke so couldnt snow foam her. what i used megs tyre gel megs wax bilberry wheel cleaner t&g remover megs glass megs lamb mitt z-8 megs gold class wash chem guys wheel...
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    sick of being sick

    as above p***ed of being sick ave ad the flu from mon cant seem to get rid of it as i type this the gravy is running outta me i cant swallow properly cos it hurts,im just p***ed of.rant over lol..
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    wheel colour

    right my a4s silver & i got amg alloys thinking bout getting them done in black but dont know what it will look like againest the silver body,it wont b 4 a few months but what do u peeps think!
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    oi oi

    just to say hello.i have a 2001 a4 with 18"amgs ,twin powerflow exchausts.thats it 4 now but more mods will b coming