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    Heated Front Windscreen

    The heated front screen is a factory order option on the Skoda Superb and is identical to the Ford set up. If Skoda use it, why not Audi...... brilliant idea, must be down to politics I guess.
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    Missing interior glovebox/footwell/puddle lights

    Hi, I've just sold my B8 Allroad and have a full retrofit interior light pack from t8ups that I've never got round to fitting. Search for the post on here and it'll give you the instructions. It's a full LED retro kit and cost £300. Open to sensible offers. Also have a set of 4 NEW illuminated...
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    A4 B8 Black Edition Avant - audi roof bars and box wanted

    Not sure whether this pic will load from photoshop, but I've got a set of genuine B8 Avant bars for sale as they don't fit my new A4 Allroad ....
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    Let me know what area you're in and I'll pass it on ! ! Always good to get some positive feedback for the guys in Silver. ;-)
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    Damn good guys in the SILVER Roadside Assistance vans..... ;-))
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    Interior Lighting

    t8ups is your man. Got my kit from him and is fantastic quality and a good price. Got more to come from him in the new year when i get my **** into gear ! ! ! !
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    b8 avant rear led light

    Have you got the contact details by any chance for NHN please ?
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    B8 A4 Interior LED Upgrade How To (Pic Heavy!)

    Hi t8ups, special package arrivede first thing this morning....opened it up wires, bulbs and LEDs ! ! ! Bl**dy fast service and on first inspection the quality is absolutely fantastic. Looks OE as required and really impressed with your efficiency. Thanks again, BRILLIANT SERVICE. ! !
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    B8 A4 Interior LED Upgrade How To (Pic Heavy!)

    Hi T8UPS, just dropped you a PM for some prices and also noticed that you do the looms for retro fit entry and puddle lights on A4 B8, Can you also give me a price for looms for 4 x doors for red and white light looms. Cheers, Chris
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    Radiator fan staying on

    Another DPF giveaway is, was the car running at about 1000rpm at idle before switching off ? If so was in regeneration, along with fans and burning smell, probably regen.
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    b8 avant rear led light

    I've just put the Pre face lift lights into my 2010 Allroad. Was going to go the 2013 route but afaik the SVM action code is different and the controller ECU has a different part number .... so bottled it as I didn't want to waste £600 and screw the car up.... Only thing I do miss from my old B8...
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    DIS Language

    That'll be your right hand brake light that has gone then ! ! Das is goood yaa ! HTH
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    A4 REMAP need advice PLEASE!

    Hi, I always use a guy called Richie Washbrook who has his own company of mappers. His company is called Oscarli. Very helpful and their guys can come to you. Hope this helps
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    mutifunction steering wheel

    Go for the updated control unit and the wiring kit for the buttons. Heated steering wheel and all the other joys are only a coding away ! ! ! Done the heated wheel a few times and works a treat !!!
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    towbar for avant with quattro/vortex rear bumper

    Go genuine bar and electrics, looks better and more reliable than aftermarket. I've have genuine bars on a4 avants with s line and votex rear bumpers and really there is no competition. HTH
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    Particle Filter

    Luckily enough, only the 170ps 2.0tdi is fitted with DPF ! ! Better off without the damn things !
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    Steering Wheel/Airbag

    swap it for my 4 spoke wheel and air bag ! ! ! There is a four wire plug that goes into the slip ring if this is not plugged in, you'll get the same symptoms as you've got. HTH
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    Rear Parking Sensor Problem

    Even if it is an intermittent problem, it would have stored a fault code in the parking control unit. Sensors cost about £40 plus a tin of aerosol at a tenner from the stealer. If it didn't store a fault, then give 'em a wipe over and make sure there's not a big fat fly on it ! ! ! HTH
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    Very nice, go for the windows ! ! ! Mines dolphin grey and looks great with the windows done with chrome roof rails. What were Beechwood like to deal with ??
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    Bizarre problem, any help for a newbie?

    Hi, By pushing the brake pedal to the floor when bleeding the brakes, you have pushed the brake light switch rod all the way back into the switch body, are your brake lights working ok ? ? Might be worth a look as if you put your foot on the brake, then floor the throttle it only revs to...