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  1. Lauster23

    USB charge cable for android

    hey guys so I’ve recently jumped from iPhone to android, more specifically the new Oneplus 6t! Highly recommend if anyone else was contemplating a change..... Anyway, I need to get a new USB adaptor charge cable to link up to the Audi MMI now. I’ve tried to research online but I can’t seem to...
  2. Lauster23

    A3 Saloon tyre choice help

    Hi all, with so many tyre choices out there, need a few recommendations on tyre choices please? Looking for a reasonable priced tyre that’ll do a good job on all weather conditions. I own an A3 saloon tfsi 65 plate. Currently still have the original tyres on which are Dunlop 225 40r18 I done...
  3. Lauster23

    A3 Engine oil?

    Hello sorry in advance if this question has been asked before but could anyone tell me what the recommended engine oil would be for an A3 saloon 1.4 65 Reg? Many thanks Ken
  4. Lauster23

    Windscreen wiper issue

    Hey everyone, Still a relatively newbie here and still getting around all the functions of my A3 Saloon...but have stumbled across an issue that I can't figure out if and how I can change. Basically my wipers are setup to stop wiping when the car is stationary. They only return wiping when I...
  5. Lauster23

    Unable to play iPhone music via MMI

    Hello, Not long have I had my new A3 and it's been perfect....up until today of course. I'm having problems with my MMI. So I try to connect my iPhone like normal (via cable and Bluetooth) but even though it says it's connected it will be stuck "loading" on the MMI screen. I wait a couple of...
  6. Lauster23

    Tyre pressures on A3 1.4 TFSI Saloon??

    Hi all, Just a quick question need answering with the title saying/asking it all....Its a 65 plate s-line model. I can't find the sticker with the info on it so reaching out to my fellow Audi friends :) Thanks! Ken