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    A question for Sachs organic performance clutch users on the S3.

    What type of DMF flywheel did you fit when you upgraded to the Sachs organic performance clutch?? Thanks in advance Chris.
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    Fitted ITG induction kit today........

    One word........AWESOME !!
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    Im in a bit of a dilemma and just after a few opinions to finally make up my mind on what to do. Basically my S3 is mapped to approx 310bhp,im gonna get it re-done by Star performance in new year with the GIAC software and make it switchable. Apart from maybe getting a ITG induction kit in the...
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    S3 Vs Golf i missing something??

    Just out of shear boredom and curiosity (as i cant afford it anyway) i went onto the VW website to look at the Golf R. I configured the car to the spec i wanted and it came just shy of 36K !!:wtf: I was so surprised i jumped onto the audi site and did the same for the new S3...same options...
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    Anyone know the nearest RR near Carlisle/Dumfries area, had car mapped but want to get it Dyno'd to see what she's putting out....cheers.
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    S3 clutch slipping !! Advice please...

    Hi guys had my S3 6 months now and i got it remapped soon after getting it,car has done 52k and clutch has started to slip quite regular !! My question is do i go for uprated sachs kit @ £600 or given the milage of car assume the clutch was worn anyway and highlighted by remap and just go for...