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    tailgate spoiler

    i know i have asked this before but i am having a bit of work done on the car soon and have always wanted a tailgate spoiler so thought if i could source one then i could have it fitted when the car goes in.Does anyone have any ideas where to get a good quality (preferably genuine) item from or...
  2. J

    avant tailgate spoiler

    i am aware that there have been a lot of threads on this but would like to know what price people have been quoted for one as i was a bit suprised how much they were. i would really like one and i know a lot of fellow avant owners would too, after having an avant with one previously i cant help...
  3. J


    omg how many more things with this poxy car! today i adjusted o/s headlight as it wasnt sitting quite right and im not sure if i pinched the cable or something but the bonnet now wont release! has anyone got any ideas how to get it open again without destroying anything as this is even more...
  4. J

    pressure washer

    this has probably been done to death but does anyone know of anyone doing a good deal on karcher pressure washers and a snow foam lance at the moment as my crappy cheapo job gave up at the weekend thanks in advance
  5. J

    avant taillgate spoiler

    has anyone bought one lately or got any idea of price? i had one on my previous car and cant help thinking it looks like there is something missing
  6. J

    s4 misfire/juddering

    on way home from adi my car seems to have developed what feels like a misfire. when engine is revved the car shakes particularly from about 2k. it still seems to pull reasonably but is definately not right. if it was a coilpack would it run worse than described and would it put engine management...
  7. J


    does anyone have any recomendations for products/methods to clean the alcantara sections of my seats as they are a light colour and i am a bit unsure as to what to use on them, thanks in advance
  8. J

    radio keys

    anyone know roughly how much a set of radio keys are from audi or is there another way of removing stereo as my damn ipod lead has pulled out of the back of it! on another note was good to meet a few of you at aitp today
  9. J

    s4 avus wheels

    hello people could anyone tell me what offset s4 avus wheels are as i may be changing car and will be removing the genuine rs4 style wheels and either these or the avus will be moved on, i believe the rs4 style are et 45(does this sound correct). I did try search but couldnt find the info, many...
  10. J

    s4 black grill

    can anyone tell me if the black grill surround can be removed in the same way as the others as i have ordered one in the hope that the grill is black and the surround can be swapped for my chrome one
  11. J

    will it fit?

    hello all am i right in thinking that 3.0 and s4 exhausts are the same from the cat back?
  12. J

    is it worth it?

    Evening all i have a 3.0 quattsport avant and am thinking about getting remap and milltek i know it will be a lot of money but want it to look and sound a bit more how i think it should as the tail pipes look a bit lost in the rear valance! any advice appreciated, sorry if this has been asked a...
  13. J

    newbie saying hi

    hello people had our a4 avant for about 15 months now and love it carried out a couple of mods so far hopefully a few more to come no daubt be calling on you all for your advice/help, many thanks in advance!