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    Program new key

    Hi, I’ve just purchased a second key fob for my S3 as I’ve only ever had one key for the car. The fob won’t unlock and when I try to start the car with new key the engine cuts outs and goes into safe mode. I’m assuming that the immobiliser is kicking in. Can I program the new key to work fully...
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    Engine oil recommendations

    Morning. What decent engine oil are people putting in their S3’s?
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    01314 fault code

    Just recently had my S3 remapped stage 1 and noticed this fault code last night. Is it normal after a remap?
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    Number plate LED issue

    Sorry guys as I’m sure it’s been asked before. I installed 2 led canbus error free bulbs for the number plate last Sunday on my 2010 S3 and it’s been fine however today when I’ve put car into drive an error bulb has appeared on the dash and I think it said number plate light. I’ve got out to...
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    S3 Air Induction kit

    Hi just had a stage 1 remap installed to my standard S3 but my question is is it worth putting an air induction kit on as well? Cheers
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    VCDS help

    Issue 1 - I’m scratching my head over this, in vcds I have all the comfort opening/closing for roof & window boxes ticked in long code helper & when I hold down the unlock button on remote, car unlocks & all windows roll down but panoramic roof doesn’t open however if I manually open the roof &...
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    Air Con problem

    Low and behold hot weather and I’m getting nothing from the air con. I’ve checked the refrigerant and it was low so I’ve topped it up but when you turn on the A/C the button lights up but no cooling. I’ve popped bonnet and no fans are running... Any ideas, I’m hoping it’s not costly?
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    8P code

    Does the top 2 apply to the panoramic roof version to allow one button opening/closing or is that not compatible for the panoramic roof?
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    VCDS issue

    Hi, when I’m trying to select 46 (central conv) for example in VCDS 17.1 I keep getting an error saying ‘no response from controller’ The ignition is on but I still get the error message. Any ideas?
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    Wing mirror part numbers

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for power folding wing mirror part numbers for a 5 door facelift (with indicators) I have looked on the parts list but can’t seem to find the correct numbers. Cheers in advance
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    Power folding mirror module

    Do I require different modules/regulator for power folding mirrors?
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    Replacement seal

    I need replacement outer seals for passenger side front & back windows on sportback but I’m not sure what they’re are actually called so trying to find them is a nightmare. Any clues?
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    Removing knee supports

    How do you get these off? I’ve removed the bolt on the inside along with loosing the fitting underneath but I can’t get the knee support off....
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    Vehicle alarm

    What decent after market car alarm are people using?
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    Collected the S3

    Well, I picked up the S3 today and so far I thinks it’s the dogs nuts :grinning: A few little touches however that I’m missing compared to the Merc is the S3 has no footwell lights or puddle lights & the door sill aren’t illuminated, would love this :cry:
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    Took the plunge.

    Well, after a lot of indecisiveness and mind changing & asking you guys for advice etc I’ve finally took the plunge & purchased an S3. I was unsure about the age of the car & amount of previous keepers so it kind of put me off but on seeing the condition of it, the full service history & very...
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    Different BHP

    A bit of a daft question but why are some S3’s 261 bhp & others 265 bhp? I know it’s only 4 bhp difference but just wondering why?
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    Installer of retro fit power folding mirrors for 2012 S3

    Evening all, just out of interest are there any installers in Leeds that can fit the power folding mirrors? Many thanks
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    S3 purchase

    Hi, I’m toying with purchasing a 2012 S3 DSG black edition but I’ve always had manual transmission vehicles so was after people’s opinions who own an S3 with DSG transmission and how they rate them for driving/performance. Thanks in advance