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  1. bradders1979

    I'm at 5,500 miles - will more noise be on the way?

    Car is a facelift saloon. Plenty of farts, but no pops/bangs. Unmodified. Should it come to life soon? Brad
  2. bradders1979

    Quick Q around wheel fitment

    Hi - I have a 3.2 V6 8P Sport, can anybody confirm if the 18" Ronal 1291 wheels with 235 x 40 x 18 tyres will fit without any problems? I have no suspension mods, Thank you, Brad
  3. bradders1979

    Where have all the 3.2s gone??

    Not so much on this forum, but in real life! I've been a proud owner for 6 months now and haven't seen another 3.2 on the road....I'm based in Reading FWIW. Seen plenty (20+) Golf R32s but no A3s. What gives? I expect that Audi sold fewer than the Golf and that these cars are now getting on...
  4. bradders1979

    New 3.2 member, Reading, Berks

    Hi All, picked up this beaut last week, 3.2 manual, 70k on the clock. Nothing planned at this stage, just enjoying as is for now :)