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  1. Lukeyb

    Fitted S3 ally pedals

    I love these pedal I've fitted them to all the VAG cars I've owned. Would have kind of expected that they get fitted to an Sline
  2. Lukeyb

    please can you confirm S3 brushed pedal for 06 A3, getting resistance from german ebay re P/Ns

    I did some looking and these p/n below seem to be what everyone says to order, but im getting argument from the seller that these are LHD only and i need accelerator 1K2 721 503 AM which looks to be the 2012+ model part. Which he wants to charge me more for. this is what was listed and what i...
  3. Lukeyb

    could someone with a 58 + A3 take a pic of their door lock switch for me?

    Hi, Im after seeing what a facelift door lock switch looks like, I have the one with the white car and the red key on it from 07 and want to see if the newer one is the same shape etc, as the price for a later switch is about half that of the early ones. Im not too fussed about whether the...
  4. Lukeyb

    Is there a way to tighten up the door stop?

    My A3 has this problem where the door stop can only just hold the door in one of the 3 positions if on a slight incline, like my drive, so I'm getting the door coming to smack me in the head when I get out, is there a way to adjust or tighten up the spring mechanism on the bottom hinge so it's...
  5. Lukeyb

    Looking For A Recon Engine With A C Rev Head

    My engine is useless, bad things happened. I can get a recon engine from a reputable place with warranty etc all day long but they are all A or B heads, my C head is cracked so can't use it. I don't want an earlier one cos I'm paying thousands for another engine, I don't want a head going...
  6. Lukeyb

    Anyone Swapped Out A Heat Matrix? Or Other Possible Reasons No Heat?

    My 07 A3 has no heat through the vents, though the matrix if I feel the pipes or stick my hand up the passenger footwell can feel the matrix gets as hot too. Yet theres no heat through the vents, if I stick the heat up to HI theres heat for a second then it goes cold, which is weird. Any garage...
  7. Lukeyb

    2.0 Tdi Bkd G40 Cam Sensor Implausible Signal Car Won't Start

    Luckily this happened as I was pulling up to my drive. I actually scanned the car yesterday to demonstrate to a friend and it was fault clear. The car was normal then all of a sudden I stopped at the junction to pull in my road and it felt and sounded weird, a bit grumbly, but anything over...
  8. Lukeyb

    EGR Delete 2.0TDI - low end pull seems to be gone, turbo takes long time to spool up

    I fitted an EGR delete after it was erroring and now my car has a real turbo lag feel to it, the turbo doesn't seem to spool until after maybe 2.5k revs, it then carries on to pull like it should. Will this be to do with the variable vanes valve? I made sure that the delete pipe is making a good...
  9. Lukeyb

    How much and where to get someone to code out cel after egr and cooler delete?

    I've done some searches and can't find what I'm looking for, I'm going to do an egr and cooler delete on my 2.0 TDI BKD and need to know where I can get the CEL for it mapped out in the Leeds area. Also a roundabout price for this? Many thanks Luke
  10. Lukeyb

    How to test can H and can L busses for interference?

    Can anyone tell me how I can check can H and can L busses for interference? Many thanks Luke
  11. Lukeyb

    Silver 07 style A3 with black grille pics please

    I'm torn between myself and 4 choices, my own mind seems to change every day, sometimes more than once lol i keep flitting between - spray it matte black, spray it satin black, spray it gloss black or leave it the hell alone anyone help me with pics for my predicament? cheers
  12. Lukeyb

    Can you enable/disable oil temperature in the DIS on 8P A3

    I have an 06 A3 3dr and in the DIS check menu it doesn't list oil temp, our other A3 sport back does have it can this be enabled on the 3dr with VCDS? Thanks
  13. Lukeyb

    No heat from vents on HI, how to check the hot/cold flap?

    I came across this issue with my A3, you can turn the heaters up all the way and its still just cold, the AC will make things even colder, but cant get hot air. Ive felt all of the hoses and they all get hot when the temp needle is up to 90, so the thermostat is opening and sending flow...
  14. Lukeyb

    rear aero wiper?

    can you get a rear aero wiper that fits the A3? i know that the current polo and octavia have rear aero wipers but am not sure if either would fit properly. Anyone know if they do or of one that will?
  15. Lukeyb

    2.0 TDI 170 max torque through the clutch?

    does anyone know what the clutch in the 170 is rated for? dont want slipping issues like i had in a 130 PD with more torque then the sotck clutch could handle cheers
  16. Lukeyb

    changing oil before AVS says required on 2.0 170

    Im wanting to know if its possible to change the oil early on the 2.0TDI 170 engine, 18k just seems like such a long time to have the same oil in it make sme feel a bit uncomfortable about leaving it that long. Im a firm believer that the most important thing in the whole car is good oil. Or...