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    Need advice on towing a caravan please

    Hi all,I bought a touring caravan that I will be towing with a 07 avant, the car has a 13 pin socket that has 3 pins missing I know I can get the van converted to 13 pin as it only has the black and gray plugs at the moment so I need to know do I need to have the socket on the car rewired...
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    Vcds virgin

    As the title says I know nothing about vcds,I have had my faire share of audis over the years and every one of them had there problems so it's time to get me some vcds, So my questions are Where do I get it, How much is it, Do I just install it in my own laptop and off I go, And what are the...
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    Dpf DIY

    Hi all,I've tried a search with no luck.Is there any how too or the likes on removal of the dpf mine is blocked so I'm going down the route of gutting the dpf and then getting it mapped,I know the basics on taking the the dpf out of the car,is the dpf and cat in the same housing?any help much...
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    Another dpf question SORRY

    I am removing the dpf filter as it is blocked,what I need to know is does it need to be mapped or reprogrammed afterwords or is it a case of just turning off the warning light, I've been quoated 500 euro to have it done by a garage or 350 if I remove the dpf my self. Tks
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    Hello all it's been a while,I sold my 2007 a4 2.0 tfsi Quattro s line about a year ago and bought a 08 vw passat, now the bug had bitten again so be gone passat, hello 07 a4 170 bhp s line avant, can't wait to do a few little things to get her looking right. So What should I be keeping an eye on...
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    are these prices right ?

    hi all i have been looking now for a while for another audi,i live in Ireland and have been on auto trader an the likes there seems to be a huge difference in prices so can anyone tell me are these prices about right or are the scammers at work...
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    passat co2

    can anyone clarify what co2 a 2008 vw passat cr 2.0tdi is,some sites say 157 others 153 ???????????????
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    Help with wiring multi function wheel

    I know I know it's not an Audi but who else can one turn to in this lonely world lol, i need to replace the driver air bag in a 2008 vw passat the bag that is in it now has only one slot in it for a plug and the new bag has two can the wiring harness be modified so both bag and functions on...
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    recomend a good vw forum

    so as above, is there a vw specific forum that is as active as this one regarding audi ?
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    Vw air bags

    Hi all I need driver and passenger air bags for a 2008 passat,I hear there are a couple of types is there? all so do I need the control module aswell or can the original be coded to suit the new bags,and one more do I need crash sensor or are they the type that reset themselves
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    Audi / vw

    This may not be in the right place,will coilovers from a b7 a4 fit 2008 vw passat
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    passat dash removal

    any one have any tips on removing the dash from a 2008 passat,i need to fit a new air bag all so when i fit the ai rbag do i need to replace the module too. cheers
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    Spot light wiring

    Hi all can someone help,I can not find the connection for my drivers side spot light/fog light .I you have time could you take a look At yours and trace the wire from the light and see where it goes to.tks in Advance
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    1.8t cutting out

    My brother in law has a 2007 a4 1.8t every so often it cuts out when it's ticking over,it then could anything from 10 to 30 seconds to start and will run fine again till next time it happens ???????
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    Petrol to diesel????????

    Is it possible to put a Diesel engine into a petrol car I know its a shed load of work but will it work.
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    any one running lambo wheels

    any of you good folk have or did have lambo reps,i have to order spiggot rings, from what i can see i need 73.1 to 66.6 would i be correct?
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    How do you mind yours

    Didn't want to leave the new wheels out in the cold.
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    Coilovers for a quattro

    Hi all is there a difference between Quattro and fwd coilovers,I'm buying a set online and it doesn't say if they will fit,its a 2007 a4 2.0 tfsi quattro cheers
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    3sdm 0.01

    Hi folks,I'm looking at getting a set of 3sdm 0.01 wheels I'm fitting then on a b7 s line, I really like a concave so what offset am I looking for to Achieve a nice concave when any pics would be grate cheers
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    steering rack replacement

    Hi all,not a good start to a cold Sunday morning.can any one tell me if a s rack from a diesel a4 the same as petrol.I Have a 2007 a4 2.0 tfsi quattro and I need to replace the rack do I need one from a quattro or will one from A fwd suit.any tips on where to Start when removing the Old one...