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    Engine speed sensor (G28) & Crankshaft position sensor location (BKD Engine)

    Can anyone with Elsawin be kind enough to locate the position of these 2 sensors for me please. Garage can't take the car in until Friday and I'm stranded until then :( so if it's a fairly simple job to replace/ check them I'll do it myself. Cheers!
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    Fan still running after car switched off

    Ok I know this is a common problem with the earlier 8P's and I've read the threads on it being the temperature sender on the block, but my cars issue has a twist to it...... So the cooling fan on the radiator is spinning when the car is off (no key in ignition). It sounds like a jet plane and...
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    Battery Drain

    Been having an issue with my car since Saturday.... Battery was flat as a pancake after a short drive (about 5 minutes) to drop a mate home. Stopped outside for a quick natter switched engine off, when trying to restart the car the battery was having none of it. RAC were called out, gave me a...
  4. ~RS~

    Part No request: Intercooler for 2005 TDI

    Need the part number the intercooler on a 2.0TDI. I've seen this one 1KO 145 803AF for sale but it's listed as being for a 2010> model. Anybody know if it will fit? Cheers
  5. ~RS~

    Custom map on RR vs Stage 2 map

    So I pulled the trigger on a stage 2 hybrid turbo after mine went pop, as a few of you will know..... I have a Vswitch from Veizu, think they are the same as chippeduk pretty much. It's the same box all the tuners sell that holds multiple maps. After a chat with a Veizu sales rep I was told...
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    Pop goes the turbo!

    Well my turbo has died on me :3sadwalk:have been reading blown turbo threads all weekend and was relieved to hear today that the turbo and IC are the only effected parts. After reading some bad stuff about possibility of bits getting into engine on those threads it was a BIG relief indeed. Car...
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    Hmmmm, what's wrong with this picture?

    I've been hearing this annoying ping type sound coming from the front drivers side wheel. Upon inspection today this is what I saw looking into the wheel arch with wheel off. Now I'm no expert, actually very far from an expert with cars lol... But this definitely doesn't look right to me...
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    Pics of Eibach pro and 19" wheels

    I am unhappy that mar car is scrapping on 70% of all the god damned speed bumps in my area, plus it crashy over potholes etc. Love the lows but it really is annoying and I don't wanna even think about what my front bumper must look like underneath :shrug: hahaa... So contemplating going for...
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    Intercooler hose popped! Drove 5+ miles like so

    So I was driving down the A406 when I heard a pop when accelerating. It was a familiar sounds as I've has one of the intake pipes blow off before problem was I couldn't stop where I was so I had to drive 5+ miles with the car spluttering away driving horribly rough and struggling to produce...
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    A3 and A4 interior map lights interchangeable?

    I need the map lights for my car asap! Ebay has loads of A4 that look exactly the same as A3 ones, I'm wondering if the A4 one will fit an A3? Cheers
  11. ~RS~

    RS3 part numbers

    :eyebrows: anybody feeling brave enough to do the RS3 conversion! Bonnet -8P0823 029E - €299.88 Right Wing - 8P0821 022BGRU - €773.50 Left Wing - 8P0821 021BGRU - €773.50 Lock carrier - 8P0805 588M- €374.85 Bumper - € 803.25 Impact beams - 8P0807 113H - €129.71 Grille- 8P0853...
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    Part Number for 5 door S line rear spoiler light

    Anybody have ETKA? Need the part number for the light that goes into the S line/ S3 sportback rear tailgate spoiler. Cheers
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    New Audi A3 vid

    Hi guys, check this out... The new Audi A3 teaser, on the road. new Audi A3 2012 - Teaser - YouTube Have a look at the lights as well! Audi Visions OLED Technology - w. Audio DEREZZED - YouTube The only car wrap for your motor in 2012! :p Mercedes Benz Invisible Car! - YouTube Have a...
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    Well I haven't been online for a while so hope your all well... Happy new year and all that, lol... Check this out if you wan't a good laugh: 2002 / 52 - MG MGF ZR 1.4 ROVER | eBay
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    Which window modules for indicators in wing mirrors

    Ok, so as a many of you guys know I converted my car from a 8P2 (2005-) to a 8P3 (2009-) , I want to rewire the wing mirror indicators with the correct modules instead of using the wiring from old indicators on wings. I have read that I need a set of wing mirror modules - 8P0 959 801 J but...
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    Part number required pls

    Hi, I need the part number for a passenger side driveshaft for a 2005 2.0 TDI DSG Sportback Sport guys any help much appreciated :)
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    Powder coated exhaust tailpipes?

    Anybody had this done to their exhaust? Probably driving diesel like me if you have lol... My chrome tips get black in no time, doesn't help I have a custom exhaust ala miltek... so I am considering powder coating them like the new BMW diesels tailpipes in that greyish black colour they do...
  18. ~RS~

    Vibration after lowering??

    Had my springs and shocks (FK shocks + KW 35mm springs) and S3 front brakes fitted yesterday. As I had the S3 hub and brakes attached they were just swapped around for my old TDi ones. Drop is pretty nice although front is about 0.5mm higher than rear... I know coilovers :ermm: lol, they'll be...
  19. ~RS~

    KW Springs + FK shocks

    After a lot of deliberation on whether I should go shocks + springs or coilovers, I ordered a set of KW springs from Germany to go with some sports struts I already had in a suspension kit I'd bought from FK, the struts are said to be made by Koni and to actually be Koni sport 'yellows'. The FK...
  20. ~RS~

    FBMFSW fitted! (inc guide for mfsw to fbsfw)

    I finally bit the bullet and decided to try and fit in the TTS fbsw I have had sitting around for a couple months myself. After reading how easy it was on a few threads here and on other sites I gave it a go this afternoon. Here's what I was working with before retrofit: It really is a...