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  1. abdus

    Self assembling GSXR :cool:
  2. abdus

    O/S facelift headlamp. FREE (just pay for postage)

    Having a shed clear out, I have an O/S facelifht headlamp. It was opened ad resealed. Fairly good condition. It works fine np. If someone want it, just le me know. Just pay for the postage. Thanks I can send some pics if needed. Also have a pre facelight one and it's side indicator. Again...
  3. abdus

    K03s, K03s Hybrid or K04?

    Currently have a K03s conversion on the A3. wanted a bit more power but was wondering whether it would be cost effective to get a hybrid/K04 setup and how would it compare to the K03s. I still have to get a downpipe, maybe manifold, 3" maf, injectors, 4b PFR, FMIC to get done. I know with the...
  4. abdus

    R8 V10 advert- Maranello

    Brilliant: :kissmyrings:
  5. abdus

    Touch My Body awesome, simply awesome
  6. abdus

    Happy St. George's Day

    Even though I do not personally celebrate it, but living in here, me and my little family of 3 have got used to the culture and so many friends that we have. So it's only fair that I wish you all English poeple a Happy St. George's Day
  7. abdus

    Renault World Series 2009

    apply for FREE tickets now for those interested:
  8. abdus

    Car Parking Egyptian Invention lol
  9. abdus

    Pizza complaint (ASDA) LOL
  10. abdus

    Winter's gone, welcome to spring everyone

    that is all
  11. abdus

    Zavvi has gone into administration

    Music, games and DVD chain Zavvi has gone into administration, Ernst & Young has announced, threatening 3,500 jobs.
  12. abdus

    Shoes thrown at Bush on Iraq trip

    A surprise visit by US President George Bush to Iraq has been overshadowed by an incident in which two shoes were thrown at him during a news conference. :lmfao::lmfao:
  13. abdus

    Road Satefy advert...Chilling PS: I've posted it here instead of videolink section intentionally before anyone gets started on me
  14. abdus

    Morrisons Diesel down to 99.9p today

    petrol will be down to 86.9p in some places
  15. abdus

    Top Gear reminder- 8:05pm BBC2

    not sure how bad or good it will be..LOL. Hope it is better than last week's Jeremy Clarkson and James May invade Greenham Common airbase to ask if the Communists ever made a good car. Out on the test track, Richard Hammond goes crazy in the Veritas, a Germany sports car, and Jeremy conducts...
  16. abdus

    Top Gear reminder...

    BBC2 8pm today's episode: from BBC website: Motoring news and views from the usual team. Richard Hammond celebrates the 40th birthday of the iconic Ferrari Daytona by taking one back to its spiritual home on the Riviera before attempting to beat James May and a multi-million pound power boat...
  17. abdus

    Top Gear reminder

    in 14 mins :) Stig takes the Bugatti Veyron round the track for a power lap?
  18. abdus

    Car Wash Goes Horribly Wrong
  19. abdus

    foe the artist inside us.... pretty cool and amazing :)
  20. abdus

    New Speed Camera, known as Specs3