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  1. Audi Bairn

    Alternative product advice

    Would welcome advice regarding what to use instead of the Premium Easy Coat in the picture attached? I have an account with a Ultimate Finish but they don’t do it any more. Looking for a spray on / wash off with pressure washer finishing spray.
  2. Audi Bairn

    AB’s wifes Storm Bay M135i

    Well, it’s a sad day......... our current run of 13 consecutive years with at least one, and mostly two Audi’s in the household is nearly over (for now). My good lady’s TT is going after 4 years. Audi didn’t have anything to tick her boxes so we did a deal today....... BMW M135i in Storm Bay...
  3. Audi Bairn

    Key fob battery - help

    Hope you can help? On the wife’s TT, her key fob battery ran out yesterday (the spare key is also dead, don’t ask). Per the manual, we used the “emergency” within the key fob to open the door manually. However the alarm goes off every time we do this. Any ideas how to avoid this happening...
  4. Audi Bairn

    Car Dealerships closing down / redundancy

    Probably just the start of it sadly. Lookers is our nearest Audi dealers where we’ve bought many cars.
  5. Audi Bairn


    Happy New Year when it arrives everyone! Hope 2020 is good to you all :thumbs up::friends:
  6. Audi Bairn

    Car climbs telegraph pole

    Just saw this, I pass that way occasionally and it’s a notorious bend. Hope the guy’s ok.
  7. Audi Bairn

    Getting Audi Service History

    As it’s stored electronically, how do I get a copy of my Audi service history? Do I need to get Audi to provide it or can I download it?
  8. Audi Bairn

    AB's Sophisto Grey MY20 G01 BMW X3 M40i

    Here’s a brief review. I didn’t bother test driving the BMW M40d as there were none available under the December deal. The M40i was impressive. The sound alone from the 3.0 straight six and the M Performance exhaust was stunning on start up, daily driving, changing up and down at speed...
  9. Audi Bairn

    SQ5 Thinking of changing...... thoughts?

    As long term Audi owners we currently have an S3 Saloon and a TT, both 3 years old. Plan on changing both in the spring (or sooner if the right deal crops up). My car needs to be a towing vehicle. The wifes TT will probably be downgraded as it sits at home most of the time during the week as...
  10. Audi Bairn

    Additional contributions from Audi / VW FInance

    Some on here will know that I normally change mine and the wife’s cars before they get to 3 years old. But, for varying reasons including inflated new prices we’ve decided to keep,both until next year. However, I was contacted out of the blue by the “Renewals Manager” at my dealership stating...
  11. Audi Bairn

    Facelift What’s this about?

    Every time I get in the car this week, 2 mins after I start the car, I get this message. As it’s green, I assume it’s telephone related? No idea what it’s for, what password I’m to use etc. Car is approaching 3 years old if that’s relevant. Any ideas folks? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  12. Audi Bairn

    TT Mirror not demisting

    Been using the wifes TT to even up the mileage a bit on the two cars. Noticed the past two mornings that the drivers mirror ain't demisting (the passenger one is). Any quick fixes I can do myself? Trying to avoid a garage trip if poss.
  13. Audi Bairn

    Drivers mirror not de-misting

    I know I'm on the A3/S3 forum asking about a TT but there's likely to be more responses here. Been using the wifes TT to even up the mileage a bit on the two cars. Noticed the past two mornings that the drivers mirror ain't demisting (the passenger one is). Any quick fixes I can do myself...
  14. Audi Bairn

    Best Audi Towing vehicle?

    Right, so I currently have the S3 Saloon and my wife has a TT, both from new '66 plates. We normally change when around 3 years old, which they both will be in November. Our plan in the next year or so is to buy a touring caravan (I know, I know!). Need to plan ahead so that one of our next...
  15. Audi Bairn

    iPhone / iTunes issues

    Please send help! Wife got an iPhone 8 and last night I went to upload her stuff from the previous phone to iTunes. Firstly, on trying to download iTunes updates it kept quitting due to an error when around 75% complete. Secondly, every time I plugged her phone in, iTunes froze. Gave up...
  16. Audi Bairn

    Alloy Wheel Defect

    Had his on a Z4 the wife had previously but never any of our Audi’s. The surface is still smooth to the touch and the clouding / ghosting is under the surface. Not caused by kerbing at all. Car is 2 years old and still under warranty. But before I take it to dealership, was wondering if anyone...
  17. Audi Bairn

    Audi's stolen - East Calder, Scotland

    Just saw this on the news
  18. Audi Bairn

    Motorhome Hire

    Anyone had experience of hiring a Motorhome? I'm thinking of doing this with my wife (and our dog, so it'll be a pet friendly one) and wondered if you cam offer any advice? I know very little about them and booking caravan sites etc. Probably hiring from somewhere in central Scotland and heading...
  19. Audi Bairn

    Facelift Engine Light in Heavy Traffic

    Yesterday I had the journey from hell in comparison to the time it would normally take even at morning rush hour. 2hrs 45 mins to travel to Gullane east of Edinburgh (only took 1hr 25 mins coming home). Anyway, in the 90 mins it took me from the M90 / M9 spur to Newbridge it was stop start a...
  20. Audi Bairn

    Top Gear New Series (Spoiler Alert!)

    For what it’s worth, new series of TG Sunday 17th Feb BBC2 8:00pm Not what it once was, but I’ll give it look.