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  1. phil miller

    My 170 Sport thread

    Hi all, this is a bit of a build thread ish about the 170 sport i bought last august, didnt collect it untill December and got it sorted mid January Over the years i played with a few cars, mk5 golf, passat B6, and an A3 8L called Ron, that proved the doubters wrong and made the most power seen...
  2. phil miller

    Q3 heater panel retrofit

    A while ago i read a thread about retrofitting the white heater control panel from a Q3 into an 8P, i cant seem to find it, does anyone have any info about it?
  3. phil miller

    RNSE map help :(

    Hi all i fitted an RNSE mk1 in my 08 170, all works fine BUT, when im using sat nav and in town the map is zoomed in, when im on an open road it zooms out to 311 miles, ive found how you zoom in but it there anyway to set it to even when just on the map screen its set to say 1.2 miles, that...
  4. phil miller

    Steering wheel airbag

    Hi all, just a quick question, ive got a 3spoke non MFSW will my airbag fit a 3spoke MFSW? and if anyone has a 3spoke MFSW forsale im interested
  5. phil miller

    Fogs as DRLs

    Prob been done a 1000 times before but today after retrofitting fogs to my mk5 golf i coded the 8P to have the fogs as DRLs, that way whenever the car is running there is lights on at the front :) As my wife and kids are always in the car it makes sense as a safety feature anyother coding...
  6. phil miller

    Air Bag Question????

    Prob a very silly question BUT are 3 spoke wheel airbags different to 4 spoke wheel airbags? Im expecting they are but just wanna be sure
  7. phil miller


    FAO NHN As title Do you have a how to guide for reprogramming a second hand cluster for an 8P? Im wanting to add DIS and use the white DIS type cluster on my 2008 57 plate TDI (non DIS atm) or would i be able to send you the new cluster and the spare key for you to program and send back...
  8. phil miller

    DIS Cluster upgrade

    Hi all i have a 2008 57 plate 1.9TDI SE it has a 8P0 920 951 K cluster at the moment would i be able to fit a 8p0 920 982J? Do i need anything extra? ive already got a MFSW on route, the car has Cruise so the module should be fine Any info would be perfect
  9. phil miller

    A3 8P ESP fault? help

    Hi all ive got an A3 TDI 2lt on an 03 (it is an 8P) i have the following fault codes, ESP light is on, ive tried to do basic settings but it wont let me enter 40168 or 15082, it says NOT SUPPORTED BY CONTROL MODULE Ive fitted a known good ABS pump and module and get the same issues Can anyone...
  10. phil miller

    Some info please :)

    Hi all Ive just bought a 2008 57 A3 1.9 TDI SE (5dr) Hole in block :p Anyway, its got a double din and planning on fitting an RNSe, it has Cruise control but no DIS does anyone have part numbers of a cluster with DIS? and if i were to fit the DIS cluster apart from the wiper stalk would i...
  11. phil miller

    A3 1.9 TDI 2007

    Hi all just bought a 57 plate 1.9TDI for the OH im thinking of adding an RNSe for her for satnav, what sort of job is this? i have no idea what radio is in there at present so is it poss it could be a single din radio?
  12. phil miller

    infraction points

    how long do they last and why cant i see mine??? points mean prizes
  13. phil miller

    2008 A3 service light reset

    ive stepped over from the 8l darkside for some help and info please :) Ok so i have a 2008 audi A3 8P in for service, so once completed i plugged in full up to date VCDS and went into SRI reset It went through the normal sequance and then i choose the service i wanted to reset, it then went...
  14. phil miller

    Moderator help please

    Hi all, im having a blond moment, i wanna have an avatar, but for some reason it wont allow me to upload it, if i emailed a mod the picture would you please add it to my profile as ive tried everything Thanks all :)
  15. phil miller

    What do you love most about your 8L (A3 and S3 owners ONLY please)

    Right we have both threads running so lets unite the two for an 8L coverage the thing i love most about my 8L is no one expects Ron to be quick, i mean come on it has beige seats for crying out loud lol The 8L chassis is very good and the 8L is easy to work on
  16. phil miller

    boost gauge pod

    Hi all has anyone got a spare boost gauge pod? i will be happy to send chocolate hob nobs as a thank you and a paypal gift aswell :)
  17. phil miller

    Help please, info needed

    Hi all im after a little info, im hoping its nothing to worry about, right here goes when i switch my A3 off the dash beeps and in the LCD display it shows oil can, then brake warning then water, why has it started doing this? hope someone can help, a coffee at Badger5 on sunday is on offer to...
  18. phil miller

    Relentless mani ???????????

    Hi all, sorry if this seems a silly question, but is this Audi / VW TT S3 Quattro GTi Stainless Race Manifold K04 | eBay The one that everyone buys or is there a better one? if there is a better one has someone got some info or a link maybe?
  19. phil miller

    S3 black leather Recaros

    hi all right mine is a 5 dr and ive got some S3 black leather recaros so im after a little advice should i sell the 3 dr recaros and get some 5dr black seats or fit the recaros and at some point get a black dash, carpet and door cards? what should i do? may even be up for swaps?????
  20. phil miller

    FMIC pipework ???

    Hi all, you must be able to tell im close now as im asking some very silly questions now lol Anyway ive got a fmic and its massive 3in inlet and outlets now ive been thro the fmic sticky can someone please, please tell me one or 2 things right mine is an A3 with a Ko4, so how many 45 and 90...