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  1. dimitar.tuntov.5

    Help Please Battery issue ?

    Saturday inwas driving the car to London and return about 100 miles no issue and Monday morning i can’t start the car ... i can’t take the key out of the dash as well for like 10-15 mins , needles not sweeping and nothing ! Yesterday i bought a smart charger from Halfords and i put the car on...
  2. dimitar.tuntov.5

    Rear solid seats -> rear 60/40 folding

    Well the topic says most of it - i done this with my B5 when i fit the Recaro but now i want to be more carefully ! Is there anyone cut the metal plate and fix all the bracket for rear folding seats Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. dimitar.tuntov.5

    Audi S5 memory seats in A4 B7

    right guys after pick up my new Supersport seats from S5 i will need some help get them working ! my A4 B7 has only lumbar suport , heating and airbag connectors - so i have totally 3 connectors Yellow for bags, green for heating and red for power! I know that have to upgrade the cables...
  4. dimitar.tuntov.5

    Auto-dimming mirror without rain sensor

    Hi i have Auto mirror without rain sensor and i want to fit it in my B7 ! I want only mirror working and Auto headlight if it's possible - anyone on here Ok to do this ? I all ready have CH/LH button so that is the main reason to do it ! Anyone on here can do it - i'm from Kent but can travel...
  5. dimitar.tuntov.5

    8.5J front 9.5J rear alloys on quattro ?

    So i need help - is it problem with the quattro if you put different wheels on - i rear a few posts but they even confuse me more! I really like a set of 19'' but they came from Non quattro Audi and they are different width Is i choose tyres which will be same as dimensions is that will cause...
  6. dimitar.tuntov.5

    steering wheel bottle cover

    Hi guys i bought that cover to fit it in my B7 Tdi but as far as i know is from S4 B6 .... I try to put it in engine bay but the curve on the bottom is slightly different .... any one has info ? The holes for washer bottle and steering wheel are fine ... the cut off for the bonnet damper is OK...
  7. dimitar.tuntov.5

    Audi Specialist in KENT

    Hi m8's i'm after a specialist to change my clutch on my 2.0TDI 170 and i want some engine mouths ! when start the engine or switch if off i fee that the engive playing a bit so i think that is time to check them and change ! Is there a specialist in Kent area who is reliable and who i can...
  8. dimitar.tuntov.5

    Audi A4 B7 retrofit Bi-xenon question

    Guys only have one question - when put my lights - i will make adaptation and they will start ok but can anyone explain me how to convert them from LHD to RHD The haven't got the pin who change the curve so - can i make it woth vag com if the are not manifactured fitted in my car ... ? Thanks...
  9. dimitar.tuntov.5

    B7 Brakes Need Help Asap Pls

    hello guys i just need help ... i have order 320mm front discs for my B7 because i have been told that they are 320 ... i try to measure them and its look like 320 as well but now i just remove one of them and they are 312 ... Because they are 30mm not 25 like 312 they won't fir on my carrier...
  10. dimitar.tuntov.5

    Discs And Pads On 2.0 Tdi 170 Quattro

    Currently with 320 mm front and 255 rear but need new discs and pads all around ! I use to drive woth Mtec on my B5 - opinion ? And can i put bigger discs on my current carrier or i need to stick 320! Tha ks a lot
  11. dimitar.tuntov.5

    4 wheel alignment

    Hi guys i will change my rear springs on my quattro sunday so i will need 4 wheel drive tracking ! Can you give me your advice where is te best place in Kent - Maidstone area? Formula one , Red oak, Kwick fit or some others ? What is the normal price for this as i ask - for 45 up 90 Gbp ...