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  1. riggssuzuki

    Mega oil consumption

    Hi all. So story so far. Wifes 2012 A1 1.4 TFSI (185) 24000 miles. Its been in for 2 separate part 1 oil consumption tests. 1st time it scraped by at 1 litre per 800 miles!!!! Shocking amount of oil to be using IMHO! However 6 months or so later its just been in again. Now using 1 litre every...
  2. riggssuzuki

    Bre discs and pads

    Hi all. My wifes A1 1.4 TFSi 185bhp is close to needing new discs and pads all round. Any recommendations or just stick to OEM? I always feel the brakes are a little under powered for the car. Could be done with a wee bit more bite. I don't want to spend hundreds but at the same time I would...
  3. riggssuzuki

    Winter wheels

    Hi all. I know that this is not the right place to sell stuff but seem to get little response from the for sale pages. I have a full set of A4 B8 alloys and winter tyres if anyone's interested. One alloy has a small bubble on the paint otherwise fantastic condition with loads of tread. Just drop...
  4. riggssuzuki

    Audi Q3 tdi MAP sensor location

    Hi all. Would really appreciate some help. I need to find my MAP sensor on my Q3 2.0 tdi. Can anyone point me int the right direction?
  5. riggssuzuki

    Watchdog. 2.0 Tsingtao oil consumption exposed

    I am ****** furious. After all the attempts at getting Audi to say there was an issue with my 2.0 Tfsi oil consumption and getting no where. All over the TV tonight on watchdog. I even traded in my car due to the issue. I loved the dynamik except for the oil issue. We should bombard Audi now...
  6. riggssuzuki

    Q3 Front end vibration

    Hi All. Just picked up a Q3 2.0 TDi Quattro DSG. I noticed a vibration from the front end through the steering. The dealer re balanced the wheels in case that was the issue. Unfortunately it isn't. Seems like some Q3s have a vibration problem and require new front wishbones and a software...
  7. riggssuzuki

    Dealer feedback

    Hi. Do you have or can we have a section for dealership feedback. Not meant to be an area for slating or bad mouthing but to give constructive feedback. Maybe it exists but I cant see it.
  8. riggssuzuki

    Q3 My new Q3

    hi all. Just moved from the a4 section. I had an a4 Quattro dynamic 2.0 tfsi. Traded in last week for a 2012 2.0 tdi Quattro sline Q3. Beautiful wee SUV. Got a couple of niggling issue that have taken the shine off but should get fixed. The wheels feel like they are wobbling during acceleration...
  9. riggssuzuki

    Towbar warning

    Hi all. I just picked up my new car. A 2012 Audi Q3. Unfortunately on the way home the 'check tow bracket' amber warning came on. Its an aftermarket witter tow bar. I have checked the manual and it mentions its to do with retractable tow bar issue. As I don't have one of those but just a fixed...
  10. riggssuzuki

    Audi A4 Dynamik

    HI all. My baby is for sale. July 2011 Audi A4 Dynamik Quattro. Ibis white. Anyone interested feel free to pm. 42329 miles, FASH, well cared for. Looking for around £17895.
  11. riggssuzuki

    VAGCOM Moray area

    Hi all. In light of my recent warning light issues I was wondering if anyone in the Moray area had a VAGCOM and the knowledge of how to use it? I would greatly appreciate some help with diagnosing my problem. I reckon its a rear ABS sensor and they seem cheapish to replace. Can anyone help?
  12. riggssuzuki

    Help. Warning lights

    Help!! Driving home tonight and the parking brake warning, stability warning and ABS warnings came came on. They cleared when I got home and turned the car off then on again. The. About 10 mins later the car alarm went off........What is gong on? Water getting into something or????? Answers or...
  13. riggssuzuki

    Wifes new A1

    Hi all. Just purchased a 2012 A1 185 sline. Seems to have all the toys thrown at it. 18" wheels, black package, DAB radio, xenons, interior lighting pack and lots more. It's a quick wee motor! Anything to check for? Any bad experiences or good ones for that matter?
  14. riggssuzuki

    Sat Nav Frozen

    Hi all. Hopefully an easy question with an easier answer. Driving to work this morning I noticed that my Sat Nav map was not showing my current location.The Orientate symbol is also greyed out. The navigation works in so far as it tells me where to go but the map just stays at my home address...
  15. riggssuzuki

    Possible mods for 2.0 TFSI

    Other than a remap what other performance mods are out there? Exhaust Airfilter Intercooler ? ? ?
  16. riggssuzuki

    A4 2.0 TFSI Quattro dynamik REVO ReMap Dyno

    Well here we go. I finally got the car rolling roaded in the hope that i could dispell all the doubters over REVOs claims of 305bhp. The chart speaks for itself. I have a very strong stock motor at 248.6bhp at the crank. In stock there is a strange dip at circa 3500. Check out the Mode 2...
  17. riggssuzuki

    Audi Quattro and rolling road

    Hi. I am planning a rolling road session next week. I have heard on many occassions that there are issues with dynos and the Quattro system. Does anyone know what needs to be done to allow the A4 Quattro to be dyno'd. I believe its something to do with the EDL needing disabled? If its a fuse...
  18. riggssuzuki

    Link to Nice n clean

    My efforts.
  19. riggssuzuki

    Nice n clean

    My latest valeting efforts. All courtesy of AMDetails products. Snowfoamed With AM Foam Rinsed Shampoo'd with AM Shampoo Rinsed Dried Clayed coat of wax AM Sealed x 2 AM Glazed x 2 :arco: Result
  20. riggssuzuki

    Problem copying SAT Nav to SD card

    Hi. I have a 2011 A4. I am trying to get the Sat Nav to run from SD card. I tried to copy it using the car system but kept getting failures. I therefore did the copy on my PC. I have checked all of the files are copied across. However when i put the SD card and try to run sat nav from it i just...