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    New Tyres

    My MOT is coming up this month and so checking my tyres the front two needed replacing. Looked at Black Circles and On The Drive. Not much in it and I thought I may as well see what Kwik Fit are charing. I expected them to be more but surprisingly they were cheaper and they also do a mobile...
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    Squeaky Steering

    OK, so I hope this is nothing and I'm just being hyper sensitive as I can't contemplate another bill.... I've noticed that there's a bit of a squeak from the steering when doing low speed manoeuvres, parking etc. Could it be early signs of a power steering issue or just a bit of wd40 required...
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    3 Years

    I've just passed 3 years ownership of my A6 bitdi. In that time... 20,000 miles driven 1 water Pump replaced 2 accidents (rolled into a tree stump, shunted at a roundabout) 1 windscreen replaced 2 wheel bearings replaced 1 turbo replaced 1 EGR valve replaced 4 new tyres 4 brake pads replaced 4...
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    Air Con On Full

    Today I was sat at the lights with Air Con on full and noticed a slight peridoic knocking on tick over. If I turn it off or down it went away. Is this normal?
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    P0299 - Turbocharger/Supercharger "A" Underboost Condition

    So I had the engine warning light come on a couple times last week and so I bought an ODB2 scanner (Carista). It's giving me the above error code. Before I book it in at the garage, does anybody have any suggestions of things I could check that might be doable at home? The Carista app is...
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    Humming Noise

    My Dad was driving with me on a long journey this weekend and he pointed out that there was an unusual noise coming from the front of the car. It's a whirring/humming noise at the mid range that changes pitch with road speed not engine speed. A bit of online research and I think it might be the...
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    2018 A6 Thoughts

    Just been reading a few press releases on the new model A6.. Looks inside like A7 and A8, which is no surprise really. Interesting that they are releasing a 3L V6 petrol - they ditched that here in the UK on the current version so wonder if we'll see it on the new model. No word yet on S/RS or a...
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    Car Play Retrofit

    I came across this video on youtube... The guy is based in Singapore and I've sent him an email. Anybody seen this done by any UK retrofitters? I'm guessing it's going to be expensive though. Might just stick with my phone holder.
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    Dealers Courtesy Car

    The Dealer has loaned me a 2017 A5 sportback whilst they do the service on my A6. I was wondering if I clone the SD card with the maps on and then try and use that in my A6, will it work? They have a nice RS5 in the showroom, shame they didn't lend me that :-)
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    Shoddy Repair?

    I've just got my car back after it's been in for a repair through insurance. The bumper, wing and light needed replacing. I've just go it home and noticed condensation in the light. Should I expect this?
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    Front Sensors

    OK, so following on from the annoying rings on my dashboard something more distressing happened last week. I rolled forward into a tree stump and have f****** the bumper and wing. Going through insurance as repair is going to cost 2600 according to the audi approved repairer I've used before...
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    Any ideas to rectify this?

    The missus kindly bought me a phone holder which she stuck to the dash for me too. It's left this ring where presumably the adhesive has ripped of the top coating. Any ideas how I can remedy this? I've tried using toothpaste as a mild abrasive but that didn't work.
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    So, I've booked her in for rear tints, de chrome on the trims and A6-TDI badge removal. I was talking to them about getting the front windows very lightly tinted, I know it's not legal but does anyone have any experience of doing this?
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    Petrol flap

    This has just started happening to my A6. Any body else had this happen and if so can it be fixed without spending £££
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    Extending Warranty

    So I'm coming up to one year of ownership and I'm being offered an extension to the warranty on my 2013 A6 BiTdi. I've had no sign of any problems and I've added about 8K miles (now nearly 40K), will probably do the same next year so I'm wondering if it's really worth shelling out 400 quid to...
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    Servicing question

    So the car is going in for it's first service with me tomorrow, it's a 4 year service and I'm just wondering if there's anything I should watch out for them telling me I need replacing that's bs. I recall on another thread somebody being told the gearbox oil would need changing, but that the...
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    fixing paintwork

    I've picked up a few scrapes and I'm wondering what the best course of action is. I've attached some photos, are these something that a detailer could fix? A couple of scratches here. The first one is worse. This one is small dent - hardly noticeable except I know it's there! The tiny white dot...
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    Brake Pads

    Edit - Should be brake pads right... doh. So I've started getting a brake pad alert on my A6. Can I replace them myself or will I need to go to an Audi Garage/Dealer? Also does anyone know at what percentage the alert pops up - I assume I'll be able to drive it for a couple of weeks before...
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    Additional Security

    Does anybody have any additional security on their A6 (steering locks, trackers etc) ? I'm wondering if it's necessary and if so what the best option would be?
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    My first few days

    OK, so aside from the unfortunate bump I received (see 9 seconds post) I've been getting used to and enjoying this beast of a car. It's going to get priced up for repair tomorrow so fingers crossed it will be sorted soon. I've found the bitdi has a split second think and then says "Oh you want...