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    RS4 B7 Cab - how to replace rear disc and pads

    If like me you have been astonished at the price of replacing your rear discs and pads via Audi dealers, you might be interested in having a go at doing it yourself. I managed to source some genuine Audi rear discs from Deutscheparts (£579) and the pads from Stoke Audi (£81). So here is a how to...
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    B7 RS4 cab rear discs and heated rear screen

    Hi Folks. I am looking for a set of rear brake discs and pads for my B7 RS4 Cab. Any advice on best deal/type/offers? They are pretty expensive from my Audi dealer. Also - my rear heated windscreen isn't working. Only the bottom two wire lines seem to be working. Any advice on how to fix this...
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    Mystery wires at back of RNS-e!

    The silence is deafening!
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    Mystery wires at back of RNS-e!

    OK - so all of you must be as mystified as I am - judging by the lack of response! Today I removed the rns-e again and fiddled with the TV. I noticed that the two mystery wires seemed to affect the reception on the TV when I touched them, indicating that they may be aerial leads?? Could one be...
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    Mystery wires at back of RNS-e!

    Hi all Removed the runs-e mk 1 from my RS4 cab 2007 and found these two wires. Any idea what they are for? There doesn't seem to be any obvious "gap" at the back of the rns-e. FYI I have bluetooth and Bose fitted. The TV doesn't work - could these be from a TV tuner???? Thanks in...