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    Keyless theft and Fob copying theft. Get it sorted ASAP

    So had my car stolen the other day. But managed to get her back a few hours later. Thought I didn’t have to worry as I no longer had my keyless A7 and thought it wouldn’t work with my new car as it was a fob insert. It was taken in minutes and this is how: Trust me don’t be like me and...
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    EK60GFG S5 Stolen 4/4/18 EK60GFG

    Morning all, Car was parked in Beckenham, Kent outside my dads. It must have been taken through the night, police and insurance informed. If you could keep your eyes out please. Very distinctive because of the tinted rear lights. EK60GFG The licence plate was fitted back to the front...
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    S5 tyres help

    Afternoon all, So my car came with 265 / 30 / 20 tyres, I’ve noticed when on full lock from stand still I get the tyre dragging/clonking noise which is driving me crazy. Noticed the person before installed two different brands on the front and the same brand on both on the rear. MOT is due...
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    Exhaust advice - straight pipe everything ?

    Hi guys & girls. So I’m looking to do the cheapest option at the moment for my exhaust. I’ve tried searching the site but can’t find what I’m after. I have a S5 2010 3.0 Auto, I basically want/need it to be a lot louder/ deeper. Would love to hear the exhaust fart at every gear change and not...
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    Noise from engine

    Hi guys, just wondered if anyone could ease my mind does this sound like there’s something wrong or is this normal? Seems like there’s a rattle which I can’t pin point. If anyone could shed any light that would be great please. Thank you.
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    Crankshaft pulley broken! Destroyed the belts grrr

    Evening all, Wonder if anyone could shed any help please. Basically managed to get the car in service mode with just enough room to remove crankshaft pulley bolts, but as the actual pulley has separated I’m having no luck getting the old pulley off!. Both belts are off and have replacements...
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    Tint sprayed my rear lights

    Hi guys, so I decided I would spray my lights with a tint gloss spray. Was going to get the garage to do it for me but they wanted £80 to wrap them. Used the spray before so got 4 cans for £10, literally only used quarter of a can if that. Think I may have gone a tad to dark but luckily all...
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    Gearbox Malfunction :(

    Hi guys, (Sorry this is in this section it's in regards to my A7 originally posted in the A7 page but it's abit quite in there atm) It's about time I've signed up always looking through and getting so much help from this forum. Unfortunately it's my turn :( just wonder if anyone could shed...
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    Hi All, Just wanted to say hello & what a cracking forum ! Already have found loads of useful information / tips, hopefully I'll be able to return this to someone in need if I can help. Charlie
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    2011 3.0 TDI Q

    Hi guys, It's about time I've signed up always looking through and getting so much help from this forum. Unfortunately it's my turn :( just wonder if anyone could shed any light on this please. I've owned my car for nearly a year now its on 74,000miles. It's recently started causing me...