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    SE or S-Line

    I agree with the 'grumpy old man'. The S-line suspension is awful. I've also driven the SE, and there's no loss of handling compared to the S-line (IMHO). The SE seats are also much better than the S-line seats for my over-long legs, but then a colleague of mine loves the S-line seats...
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    shaking when idle

    I get intermittent idle shaking. Doesn't show up when I get to the dealers, and no fault memory... Wierd.
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    software upgrade gone worry

    I get shaking on and off. Also terrible power dive if I change fast from 1st to 2nd and boot it... Never resolved.
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    2007 A4

    Thinking about this, I am definitely interested if someone can either: 1. Help me change Concert to Symphony - maybe a point-by-point instruction? 2. Tell me where/who can do this, and how much. Original poster Maraby asked if it's worth changing. Just what would this cost? Or is it, like...
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    2007 A4

    Cool. Now I know why Dealer quoted £2,000.
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    2007 A4

    When you say nav+ I assume you mean the Satellite Navigation option with MP3, etc? I know from bitter experience that it is impossible to change the Concert to a Symphony or Nav system. I was quoted more than £2,000 to do this - the dealer recommended that I went and bought an aftermarket...
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    B7 2.0T Quattro

    Deffo go for 2.0T, but don't opt for 18" wheels... "The roads in Ireland have no potholes". If you go for FWD, don't get S-line, for the same reason. Why let a wedding get in the way!
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    2.0 TDI - impressed

    I have to agree about the seats - absolutely awful.
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    A3 Sportback -> A4 Avant?

    The S-line looks great, but I recommend a test drive first, as the suspension is bouncy on the motorway and too hard around town (IMHO!). Next time I won't be having a diesel. Frankly, I hate my 2.0TDI engine. Wash of torque, then flat power then it dies a death. I'm an 'enthusiastic'...
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    Just purchase my new Car !

    Torn? Trust me on this, the TFSI is a much nicer car to drive. You won't regret that decision.
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    Just purchase my new Car !

    Lucky sod. My company INSISTS that I have to have the 2.0TDI. And leather! Sounds great - hope you enjoy!
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    Whats the spec of an A4 saloon S-Line?

    IMHO S-line is not only too hard, but quite bouncy (even underdamped) at motorway speeds. It's not a pleasant car for long distances. I preferred the A3 Sportback with standard suspension - but, yes, it's noisier than the A4. In retrospect I'd go for a A4 SE, and I wouldn't have the diesel again.
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    Comments please........

    Audi have a habit of giving the brush off, in my recent experience. The biggest problem is that Audi UK doesn't have any 'user' accessible knowledge base in the UK HQ - they always refer back to dealer. In a dealer as overworked, and with such high sales, as my local dealer, it's no wonder...
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    my new 2.0TDI s-line is here

    Nice wheels - not the same as mine (mine are standard S-line 17"). Mine's also black. Do you have S-line seats? Do you get on with them OK? (Sorry, I just saw your PM from November today...)
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    Buying a A4 2.0TDI, go for the S-Line?

    I have very few options on my S-line A4... I would have liked the interior light pack and the storage pack - especially the boot liner and hooks. In retrospect I would not have had the diesel engine (would have had the 1.8T or 2.0T if budget allowed) and I wouldn't have the s-line suspension -...
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    Poor seats in S-line

    Thanks for replys. I'm a skinny bloke with long legs - maybe that's the point? My very tall and larger colleagues have sat in the car and say the seats are fine... I think the quality of the S-line seats is poor, especially compared with my previous Audis - A100 CD, A90 20V, A80 16V, S6 2.2...
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    Poor seats in S-line

    I can't get on with these seats... The metal runners in the side bolsters dug into the sides of my legs until I flattened them with a club hammer and a piece of 4 x 2. The pedals are too high and too far back, so I can't set the seat right to be able to hit the brake in an emergncy and still...
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    A4 B7 2.0 Tdi....sports suspension

    I've got one and don't recommend it. Fine around town, but too bouncy on the motorway, and much too much body roll and lurch when changing direction quickly. My old Leon Cupra R had a better ride, and that's saying something!
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    2.0 Tdi Whine (Cam belt ?)

    Mine whines too.... It does sound like a cam belt whine....
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    What's the delivery time on yours??

    [ QUOTE ] Hi El D Mid're making me jealous! I can't believe a multitronic box can make such a difference to the delivery date! Did your dealer give you an exact date, with a build week, or do they just 'think' it will be delivered in feb? Have they confirmed this date? DSG would...