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    Auto dipping passenger mirror

    My previous m135i used to auto dip the passenger wing mirror when reversing and put it back to normal once back in a forward gear. It looks my S3 does this if the mirror select dial is set to the passenger mirror but it never goes back to normal position after dipping unless I move the mirror...
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    Facelift Find TPMS Tyre Indication

    On the way up to Bradford today my TPMS went off. As I was busy negotiating some junctions I didn't read the message on my VC, which after a few minutes auto cancelled and left me with just the yellow warning icon on the dash. Is there any way to recall which wheel has been affected by pressure...
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    OBD Powered When Car Locked?

    As above, I was measuring some temps on my S3 this morning with an OBD bluetooth adapter and when i parked up at the train station I left it plugged in (forgot to take it out). I've just remembered sitting here now, so will the adapter sit there active with the car locked or does the port get...
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    Ready for powder coating tomorrow!

    Ready for powder coating tomorrow! Gave them a good going over with tar remover, not bad considering they had no cleaning over the winter.
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    Car Selection Choice for Snow

    If we get dumped on from a great height as the news is predicting for tomorrow what car should I drive? I have the choice of 2016 Skoda vrs diesel fwd on goodyear asy3's OR my S3 on 19's and lowered wearing pilot sport 4's. Thoughts?
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    Tips for tech pack B&O configuration

    I'm having real trouble getting the B&O that came with my new S3 black edition with tech pack sounding "right". No matter what I do it just doesn't sound good, it's just missing something that I can't put my finger on. Does anybody have any advice on how to go about setting these up? I feel...
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    Rear end friday

    Just because.
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    A few tweaks in the first 200 miles

    Racing line springs, perfect drop in my opinion. Front Rear eBay paddle shifters Just waiting for the exhaust to arrive now!
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    Too Much?

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    Routing USB cable for dash cam

    Does anybody have any tips for getting a USB cable from around the rear view mirror area down to the 12v socket? On my old M135i you could tuck the cable under the edge of the headlining and down the door pillar to a socket under the dash. I tried to tuck the cable in the same way but the...
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    Another 1st Sept Delivery

    Here's some pics from today. Excellent service from Jonathan at Harrogate Audi!