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    A3 8V Catback Exhaust System

    Exactly, ive had the exhaust since November and love it! just think it needs a bit more pops and bangs
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    Virtual Cockpit Needle Sweep

    I have a VC on my 2016 A3, when i got the car it never swept the needles on start up! i was then told about carista in which i bought, its a very good product and can customise pretty much everything.
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    A3 8V Catback Exhaust System

    Hi Guys, i recently just purchased a Cat back exhaust system for my A3 8V made by powerflow. i am really happy with the sound of the exhaust but just want some pops and bangs as it dosen't do this at all. as far as I'm aware the original exhaust has 2 silencers in it where as the power flow...