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    Coil Light and Limp Mode

    Hi My wifes 2010 A3 1.6TDI Sport back coil light has started to flash and go into limp mode. Car has 50K on the clock and is regularly serviced. Any ideas on what the issues is? Unfortunate I dont have VCDS to scan it with at the mo so hopefully there is someone with some info on the issue...
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    Parking Sensor Issue

    Hi there One of my friends has just picked up a 54 plate tdi 130 sport auto B6. He seems to be having an issue with parking sensors, trying to figure out why all the parking sensors are firing but no beeps etc in the car. In reverse with ignition on, they all click as they should but nothing...
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    Still Looking in Suffolk

    Anybody around who can scan my wifes A3 8P? Need to sort the flashing dash!!!
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    VCDS SCAN needed in Suffolk

    Anybody in the Suffolk area who can scan my wifes A3 8P? Thanks
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    VCDS Long Code for ESP MK60EC1 H30 0107

    Hi all I have just replaced a faulty ABS module on my wifes 2010 A3 sport back and I am having some problems re coding it. At the mo the code is just 0000000000000000000000 and I do not have the original code as I did not have access to VCDS beofre I took the old one out, so could not get the...
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    ABS Module Log in code

    hi there I have to re code a new ABS module that I have fitted on my Wifes A3 However I am unsure on the login code I need. I have worked out the code to re program the module however I can t remember or seem to find how I find the login code. If its any help its 1.6TDI Sportback and the module...
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    Re programming ABS Module

    Hi there I started today replacing the ABS Pump/Module on my wife's 2010 A3 1.6TDI sport back. According the Audi dealer the fault log showed that the ABS module was faulty and wanted a fortune to replace it. I found a used OEM Pump and Module and fitted it today, bled the brakes ect however I...
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    ABS Module Programming

    Hi there Live in Bury St Edmunds and fitting a new ABS pump/module at the weekend however once I do I need to clear the old faults and program the ABS module Anybody close by who can help with that? Thanks
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    ABS Help

    hi there My wifes 2011 A3 has just been to the Audi dealership as she has warning lights and ABS lights come on. They have diagnosed the problem to be a knackered ABS control module and they want around £1000 to supply and fix. I an fairly handy with the spanner so I am sure I coudl tackle it...
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    Where to buy replacement bumper?

    Hi there Some complete arsehat has left a lovely big hole in my 2013 Audi A4 Avant Black Edition 1.8TFSI 170bhp rear bumper Need a replacement bumper which I can spray up and replace. Where the heck could I go to purchase a new bumper? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    Whats it worth help

    I think the time has come to sell my wifes Avant. I would rather not as I love it but she is adamant she wants something newer and smaller now the kids have grown up some. I have been out of the loop for a while so I am trying to get some idea on what it is worth. The main details are...
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    Audi Connect

    Just got my new Avant with the MMI Tech pack/Nav What is the deal with the Audi Connect? Do I have to get a seperate SIM to enable it or can I use my iphone 5s? Really not sure how it works, I have created an myaudi account which gives me a number to put in but in the car it always say no...
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    Need some idea

    I am looking for a quote on a 2013 S3 sportback I am 39 yo with full clean UK driving Licence and full NC Who would be the best company to speak to?
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    K Seal or Radweld for coolant flange leak?

    Does anybody know if it is OK to try and a stop a very slight rear coolant flange leak with either K Seal or Radweld type products? Of course I know is not the ideal solution but just no time atm to replace. Thanks
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    Looking for a renewal quote

    Hi Insurance is due very soon so I am looking for a quote. How do I go about getting one from the sponsors we have on the forums? Thanks
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    Another RNS E Nav question

    I am wanting to convert from my single head unit in my A4 2004 Avant to an Audi RSN E NAv unit. Please could somebody point me in the right direction as to which Audi OEM unit I should be look at getting? Thanks
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    Hi Flow Cat

    Hi all I am looking for a high flow cat but cant seem to find anything other than the stupidly high priced miltek one for my 1.8T 190 Bex. Anybody git any ideas where to source one in the UK?
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    Brake and Coilover issue

    Over the weekend I replaced my front discs and pads on my 2004 A4 Avant 190 Bex. All went fine and replaced with Drilled and Grooved Black Diamond disks and Green stuff pads. The car has been fitted with TEIN super street coilovers which have been great; I have not set them as slammed, more a...
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    Brake Pad part number

    Hi I am looking for the part number for the front break pads on my B6 2004 1.8T (BEX 190Bhp) Avant.Could somebody also confirm that they will be the 288mm discs.Thanks
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    Brake Pads

    Hi all I am looking for some new front brake pads for my B6 1.8T with the 312mm discs. Not looking for anything fancy, just something which has good bang for buck!