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    Tyre wear - 2.0Tdi 190

    From my experience the hankooks are very poor, I found the wet grip really really bad! Managed to scrub them off in just over 8k, then had them replaced with Michelin polo sport 3s which have lasted around 17k, so a lot better and the grip is better all round, quite disappointing that it's in...
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    Can I see your flaps??

    Looking at buying the rear set of mud flaps for my a4 avant, but not quite sure what they will look like, as I can't find a picture anywhere of them fitted, and never seen them on the road, has anybody got them fitted who wouldn't mind posting a picture of their flaps...?please!
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    Drive system fault

    Just an update, it happened again and threw the engine management light on,with a low boost pressure code ( something along them lines), so whipped the box off and took it in to dealers, turns out to be a faulty boost pressure sensor, had that replaced put the box back on and so far so good!
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    Drive system fault

    I have had the same problem twice now, first time it came on and went off after a mile or two and didn't lose power the second time it came on on the motorway and didn't go off until I pulled over and switched it off and on again, then it was fine and has been since, I have the DTUK box on also(...
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    Tuning box -190 TDI

    I'll put a few pics of mine on tomorrow depending on the weather.
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    Tuning box -190 TDI

    The box comes with a fitting guide but I'm sure if you email hem they will send you a copy by essentially, the engine cover comes off and all three plugs are easily accessible, and the unit tucks away in the front rift of the engine bay and is Velcro trim wrapped to the side. It's actually a...
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    Tuning box -190 TDI

    Thank you, and yes I think that would be me! His grin wasn't as big as mine in the way home!
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    Tuning box -190 TDI

    Picked one up today from DTUK (the tri channel model), after speaking to them on the phone yesterday I had a few questions/reservations regarding the tuning boxes, he soon put them to bed and I promptly decided to drive up today to pick one up. Dealt with Simon who was very knowledgeable and he...
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    190 tdi sline 18 wheels, just had the Hankooks changed on the front today, 10500 miles and only 2mm left, absolutely shocking in the wet, just changed for Michelin pilot sport 3 so fingers crossed will last longer than 10k with better grip! The rears are also down to less than 4mm already!?