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    John Terry's sister filmed on a tram...

    I'll never understand people like that, America being one of the leading countries of the world, built on what? Immigration. They invited people just like the British. Bottom line, different people bring different skills to the table. At the moment it doesn't look good, but don't look at the...
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    Fantasy Footy 2011-12

    I've just joined as well, hope you don't mind!
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    Audi delivery

    Surely they'd be happy to send the car to any dealer across the UK for a brand new Audi? How did you get on?
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    STOLEN Audi BE in Leeds

    Ouch, sorry to hear. Always out and about in Leeds so I'll keep an eye out
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    Anyone sold their cars on Ebay?

    Sold a 52 plate corsa, lesson I learnt was that on Ebay you have to list all the bad points, no matter how small. Winning bidder knocked off a few pounds because of that.
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    Speed camera, advice needed

    Cheers for the input guys, aythree like you've said, 47 in a 40 is just killing me inside!! I'll send it off and hope for the offer of the course! If I do get the points, it will be an SP50 (speeding on the motorway) on my insurance and it doesn't affect it one bit even with 3 points added...
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    Speed camera, advice needed

    I'm 21 but I would go for the course than the points. They want the details of the driver first before they decide if I should go on the course, but just want to know if anyone else has had similar experiences. It was only 7mph over the limit!
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    Speed camera, advice needed

    Caught doing 47mph in a 40 zone. The 40 zone is temporary on the motorway. Anyway so got a NIP through the post asking for the drivers details etc... Now with the letter it says I can be considered for a speed awareness course. As I've got a clean license and had no incidents in the four years...