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    Sportback Reyland brake upgrade (front & rear), size advice

    Hi all Finally getting around to upgrading the discs and would like some advice on potentially going for the big brake kit. My initial thoughts were to replace front and rear with just OEM sizes (370mm and 310mm). I'm sure this would still be marked difference over the stock discs, however...
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    Rear Anti-Roll Bar upgrade advice

    Hi everyone Hope everyone and your families are all well in these crazy times! Been flirting with the idea of a new rear ARB for some time and after some extensive research, finally going to take the plunge. It seems either the 034 motorsports / H&R seem to be the ones to get, with the H&R...
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    Brake pad advice

    Hi everyone I’ve tried researching this but can’t seem to find a relative answer. Changing pads all round on my PFL and moving away from OEM - Have settled on Ferodo but need some advice please! Car is used for fast road driving at most. Never tracked and not tuned. Can anyone tell me which...
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    Sportback FL rear bumper and diffuser on PFL

    Hi all As the title, does anyone know if the FL rear bumper and diffuser will fit on a PFL car? Thanks
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    MTM tuning box

    PFL ‘16 plate RS3, looking in to tuning but don’t want a temps due to warranty’s purposes. MTM have caught my eye with heir Cantronic tuning boxes - has anyone got any experience with these ...
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    2.0 Tdi 170.. 2010/common Rail Fuel Filter Change!

    Hi all, recently purchased the above car after my 2.0fsi decided to finally give up. Giving it a service, using genuine parts, however a little unsure on the fuel filter. I've read various posts on here and on other sites saying you require vag com to prime the fuel filter as the pumps...
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    A3 engine swap advice please

    So as the title suggests I need a new engine. I was travelling down the motorway when the engine died on me - timing belt tensioner gave up causing the belt to snap. Ive been quoted between 2 and 4000 to fix depending on what state the head is in so I intend to swap the engine. Its a 2004 2.0...
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    Big thanks to Nigel (NHN)!

    Been meaning to start a progress thread for absolutely ages and never had a chance! Whilst on the topic - how do you add pictures? Anyway! Nigel managed to get me some MY11 rear lights.. which have probably made the biggest improvement to the car so far as updating it goes. Absolutely first...
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    Lowering options - just springs or spring/shock combo on sport shocks?

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum however ive been reading many past threads and the information given in them is extremely helpful, saved myself a lot of headaches just by reading so thank you. I've been reading around and a lot of people suggest the 'Eibach sportline 50/40mm' lowering springs...