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  1. M8NGN

    For Sale Audi A6 Allroad BiTdi 2014

    Hi, regrettably my Allroad is for sale. I have listed the main items but please do not hesitate to contact for full spec/details. 2014 Allroad BiTdi 313bhp Full extensive service history Part Audi to about 60k. Specialist until last service. Just spent 2K (17/05/21) with receipts, new air...
  2. M8NGN

    Auto tailgate latch motor.

    Hi all. Onto my next problem. Having a bit of trouble with the auto tailgate latch, the boot closes fine but the dis is saying the boot is still open. Took the rear motor off to have a look and have recorded a video, hopefully attached. Anyone know a fix for this. Seems to be around £200 for a...
  3. M8NGN

    My Java Allroad Bitdi

    Hi all, been on here a while and thought I would post a few pics of my A6 seen as though were all locked down during these crazy times. It's Java Brown as the title suggests, one of my favourite colours for them. Got a few things in the pipeline. Already fitted (yesterday) a second hand Cete...
  4. M8NGN

    Bitdi gear stick clunk and whine

    Hi All, Having a couple of problems with my my:14 Bitdi. Car has 68k on the clock and over the last day or so I have noticed a whining noise which gets progressively louder at 50-60mph although appears to stop above 70mph. My initial thoughts are wheel bearing as I think the drivers side has...
  5. M8NGN

    A6 C7 Allroad Grille

    Hi All, I am abut to purchase an A6 C7 Allroad bitdi (MY14) off my dad for a very good price. Just a quick one, I had a A4 B8 a year or so ago and fitted the RS grille, does anyone know if I an RS style grille will fit onto the allroad? I have rad they are different but I have assumed that...