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    Q5 Q5 clutch failure causing fire

    Morning all, I'm looking to see if anyone else has had issues with a clutch failure causing under tray fire on Q5? My sister has a 2016 Q5 2.0 TDI with manual gearbox and the clutch failed at 37k. In my experience this is quite early for a clutch failure even for a AWD vehicle. I was in...
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    TLC Detailing near Stirling - any reviews?

    Has anyone on here used TLC Detailing located near Stirling, Central Scotland? Looking for a good local place to get a bit of paint renovation/enhancement and I see they have several Ibis White 8Ps in their portfolio DETAILING — TLC Detailing If any of the owners are on here Please let me...
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    Enable A2DP on Fiscon BT unit

    May have been posted before but took me a while to find this out. Out of the box Fiscon bluetooth unit does not have A2DP enabled so music can't be streamed to your stereo. I thought it was a problem with my coding and went through set up many times with no luck but it is set up of the...