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  1. Sygh2k

    Anyone ordered from ECS?

    VAT is usually the killer, try this though
  2. Sygh2k

    New balance shaft fitted. (New problem)

    Might be able to narrow it down more if you know the size and type of bolt, or at least eliminate some
  3. Sygh2k

    Engine Rebuild

    Strip it first and see how the bores look before spending your monies it might guide you down a different path
  4. Sygh2k

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Not in the 2wd avants, its under the liner and getting that out is a pain in the a at best
  5. Sygh2k

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    finally put in my modified avant boot liner to make geting to the fuel pump/control unit easier. might be of use for ideas for others. makes access way easier
  6. Sygh2k

    Clear indicator lens?

    diadem bulb, possibly not the best pic but you get the idea
  7. Sygh2k

    Clear indicator lens?

    the lense can be removed without damage, i think theres a link in the one i already postd. its much more work tho. on bulbs i cant remember the pin type but get osram diadems
  8. Sygh2k

    Clear indicator lens?
  9. Sygh2k

    Balance Shaft delete using Free wheel.

    i have a freewheel fitted when i rebuilt my bottom end at the begining of the year and seems ok, i cant comment on vibration as i have 034 mounts, lightweight flywheel, fluidampr amongst other things which effect nvh. if your considering it, consider getting a new chain/tensioner fitted too...
  10. Sygh2k

    Miltek rear box outlet pipe dia info required.

    without removing, mine it looks to be 2.1/4"
  11. Sygh2k

    Audi A4 B7 2.0 tfsi 147kw quattro

    check the oil cooler/filter housing
  12. Sygh2k

    Front Door Speakers Stopped Working

    i had a similar issue a few months after upgrading mine, found the fault to be the new wire supplied in box looked fine but was corroded on the inside, chopped at bit off the speaker end, resoldered and solved it.
  13. Sygh2k

    Braided clutch line

    Hi all, looking for advice/reviews on the clutch slave cylinder and line, contemplating changing my oem for the aks braided setup, Has anybody...
  14. Sygh2k

    Dreaded Front Bumper Adjustment...

    Put plenty of anti seize on the threads too when reinstalling, itl help later down the line
  15. Sygh2k

    Dreaded Front Bumper Adjustment...
  16. Sygh2k

    Edgar's A4 B7 2.0TFSI BT Build

    You'll be able to reuse the bushes when the ball joint goes eventually, i have all powerflex in the front and reused bushes in new arms. If you do, a bit of advice to keep bushes in better shape if your reusing, put a couple of cuts in the outer surround on the old arm the bush is coming out of...
  17. Sygh2k

    Help needed again! Turbo failure? No boost or power?!?!

    Im not sure how effective the yellow spring will be on a std setup, i would drop forge an email and ask them theyl know better than me. My thoughts if you go too strong on the spring this can cause issues that cant be fixed without a softer spring, whereas too soft a spring you can put more...
  18. Sygh2k

    Help needed again! Turbo failure? No boost or power?!?!

    I think most aftermarket units offer different springs depending on what your requirements are too
  19. Sygh2k

    Help needed again! Turbo failure? No boost or power?!?!

    Probably stick to a standard spring(green) i went for a yellow spring at the time and have been adjusting for what seems ages to get the right preload I think turbosmart also have an option for an actuator