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    Sold 2013 63 plate S3 Sportback

    Ordered new car, (awaiting a delivery date) so this is either getting traded in or sell privately. S3 sport back, 3 owners, 73,000 miles, DSG, Tech pack 7” screen Sat Nav with B&O speakers, Retro APple car play fitted (chinese version) MOT until Sept 21. Haldex filter cleaned July 2019 see...
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    Coolant bypass valve

    Done a check for an engine warning light with my odb11 reader. Come back with this.... Done a bit of searching and think I’ve form the valve under the high pressure oil pump. Cleaned connector reset error, but keeps coming back, new valve is £133 from Audi. Seen quotes of £400 for them to...
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    Sat nav lost location

    Having issues with my sat nav, has been stuck in Germany for last few days. This has happened before and fixed its self. However not so this time, any ideas or will it need to go to audi? S3 63 plate Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Idiot S3 driver

    Hope not on here......
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    Superchip bluefin

    Just been released. Tempted to try this had one on my a3 tdi! I'll get 25% off when I return old unit?
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    Airbag light reset

    Need the above removed glove box and forgot to plug it back in before turning ignition on. Based in reading. Thanks
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    A3 sline rear springs

    Both broken on my 09 plate a3 black edition. phoned dealer in reading for a quote and was told can't buy just the springs need to get the rubber mounting bushes as well. seamed strange as they all come with different part no's. was £163 for 2 springs and 4 rubber bushes. can this be true?
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    TDI Fuel leak after filter change

    Had my car serviced about 2k miles ago and noticed a tiny weep of derv but lately starting to smell and drip onto the floor. Guessing they not changed seal or bit of dirt. What's my options? Think it's too late to take back now.
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    Rs4 suspension refurb

    Hi Is it possible to get the standard suspension from an 06 plated rs4 refurbished? Mate got told by Audi dealer that he'd have to buy new at a cost of about £700 a strut etc. Any help would be great full he's based near Northampton if that helps!
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    Windscreen replacement

    Got a chip in mine enough so it will fail mot in April any tips before it gets changed! and how much is an Audi one without sensors?
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    How many locking keys nuts

    Had my cam belt changed yesterday and I thought I had 2 locking wheels nuts. garage said they put it back in boot but only one there. so can someone confirm that Audi supply 2? thanks
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    A3 2.0 TDI Diesel Injector Pipe RECALL

    Just had a letter from Audi about the above in relation to VOSA that my car needs to be checked at a dealer. This will take about 1 hr and they should provide me with means of transportation if needed. Anyone else had this letter I never knew there was a problem, only that earlier TDI required...