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  1. DolomiTTe

    Back with another Audi :)

    Welcome along Gaz. I remember you from the TT Forum (I'm still there!).
  2. DolomiTTe

    Audi tt 3.2. Mk1 03 plate

    Put your foot down in a wet field, I'd say. When was your last Haldex service?
  3. DolomiTTe

    Audi tt 3.2. Mk1 03 plate

    Welcome along Charlie, from a fellow Mk1 TT owner :icon thumright:
  4. DolomiTTe

    New member with TT

    Welcome, from a fellow TT owner (albeit Mk1) :smiley:
  5. DolomiTTe


    Welcome along :grinning:
  6. DolomiTTe

    Hello from Lancashire...

    Hello and welcome from a fellow Lancastrian :smiley:
  7. DolomiTTe

    Hello *waves* new TT owner here

    Welcome along from a fellow TT (albeit Mk1) owner. Fantastic looking beast you have there! :thumbs up:
  8. DolomiTTe

    New member from Belfast

    Hello Grahame, from a fellow Mk1 TT owner. Stunning car you've got there, I do like Avus silver :icon thumright:
  9. DolomiTTe

    Hi all im a newbie, just got my ttrs

    Hello and welcome :yes:
  10. DolomiTTe

    First Post

    Welcome along, from a fellow TT owner (although mines a MK1). :sunglasses:
  11. DolomiTTe


    Welcome along. Any pics of your new toy? :smiley:
  12. DolomiTTe

    Newbie TT MK2 Owner, looking for help with Bluetooth/Folding Mirrors

    Welcome along, I've seen your post over on the TT Forum. Perhaps try the TT section on here too:
  13. DolomiTTe

    Newbie hi

    Welcome along, from another TT owner! :sunglasses:
  14. DolomiTTe

    Newbie from the South West

    Welcome Dan - good choice of past cars by the way! :grinning:
  15. DolomiTTe


    Welcome, from another Mk1 TT driver! :sunglasses:
  16. DolomiTTe

    New member, this forum looks decent.

    Hello and welcome. :yes:
  17. DolomiTTe

    Lady driven S3

    Welcome Stacey - not long until Sunday now! :blackrs4:
  18. DolomiTTe

    Hi, new member. New to AUDI.

    Hello and welcome, from a fellow TT owner. :grinning:
  19. DolomiTTe

    Signing In

    Welcome, from another Mk1 TT owner!
  20. DolomiTTe

    Morning All!

    Hello, from another newbie. Any pics of your car? (Thanks for the weather by the way!!)