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  1. S3_MCD

    Towbars S3

    looks like im going to fit a tow bar to my S3... dont worry a detachable one, so nobody will know!! dont know how high the ball is going to sit and cant seem to find any quoted stats. Anybody got any pics
  2. S3_MCD

    New specs on M4 east bound?

    Anybody else spotted these today, sure they werent there this morning, J17-18
  3. S3_MCD

    Engine rattling

    Hi all... Has anybody got any thoughts on what could be wrong with my engine? Brand new engine, built and put in by Audi 2yrs ago (20K miles). Has been fine for 1.5yrs, and if anything better and more responsive than the original one. However over the last 6 months its started to...
  4. S3_MCD

    EKTA - can anybody tell me the size of the missing bolt please

    OK in narrowing down my rattles I've discovered that I'm missing a bolt (see below picture, taken from drivers side wheel arch looking up and forward.... its meant to be holding the bracket back onto the engine. Anybody got access to EKTA that can let me know the size, length etc...
  5. S3_MCD

    Any ideas what this could be ?.....

    Hi all, been a while since i've been online.... work, or lack there of has redirected every waking moment. However, I'm looking for some thoughts on what this maybe so I have an idea of what I might be looking for before I stare blindly at the underside of my car! When my car is cold (and...
  6. S3_MCD

    Product recommendation

    Soooo many options, where do I start? I've always always washed my car by hosing down, using autoglym shampoo with a real soft bristle brush, hose, balde and autoglym chamois dry. Autoglym polish with micofibre cloth. Reading the really useful posts in the detailing section have confused...
  7. S3_MCD

    Respray or touch up?

    Hope somebody here can give me some advice. I have an 02 plate Dolphin grey S3, bodywork and paint in excellent condition apart from some high mileage motorwat stone chips to bonnet and front bumper. My questions is should I look at getting the front end taken car of? I'm in the fortunate...
  8. S3_MCD

    having a nightmare - screen fitment

    I am having a nightmare with my car at present, basically it all started with oxidisation begining to show on my rear qtrs, Audi agreed to undertake the re-spay under w'tee. So in it went, on collection the paint was superb... on closer inspection they have managed to damage pannels on...
  9. S3_MCD

    CV boot - front nearside - how much

    Quick question. Its split, in with dealer for MOT....going to do it for £100, sounds fair. Could probally get it cheaper, but would also have to factor picking car up, DIY/taking it elsewhere and cost of re-test. Thoughts?
  10. S3_MCD

    DIS / mileage left in tank question

    can it be reset? broke down this evening, 20 miles left intanks according to DIS.... imagine how pleased and embarrased I was when AA put petrol in it and it worked! cheers, feeling bumb and blond. :) Thought I read it somewhere, couldnt find it in a search
  11. S3_MCD

    Brembos finally fitted

    Well I have finally got round to fitting the GT kit. Caliper screws was the olny mishap with both sides shearing off (had to drill em out and rethread the holes - i know that there was no real need, just a perfectionist!) Dremel came hand for cutting down the dust shields. Has anybody...
  12. S3_MCD

    HELP - disc retaining screw

    what size, metiric? both have sheared off at the hub face! Gonna have to drill them out i reckon - 3 hour job now got twice as difficult - doh!
  13. S3_MCD

    Bleeding brakes

    upgrading to Brembos, is there a technique to bleeding the brakes upfront on a S3? Cheers
  14. S3_MCD

    Speeding question

    ......not me! 45 in a 30 – auto detection, date of offence 21/9/6, date of letter 25/1/7. my advice ignore it? what do you guys reckon?? TIA
  15. S3_MCD

    Brembo upgrade

    Anybody fitted recently onto a S3? 323*28 discs, calipers, braided hoses etc. Just weighed in and was wonder how easy (or not) and if there is anything that I sould watch out for? TIA
  16. S3_MCD

    Caliper Carriers????????

    Maybe a daft question, but..... looking to upgrade to a set of brembo's, I have found a set SH which have come from a Seat Cuprs (not R), origonally put on to upgrate to R spec bakes but have subsiquently been removed and are being sold separately. When put onto the Cupra they bolted on...
  17. S3_MCD


    Guys quick question .... hopefully easily answered!! Whilst having my new engine etc fitted I opted for Samco hoses (TIP and IC). I can definately tell the difference and even HEAR the air flow (sucking gushing sound on the RHS of the car when driving). My question is that when I put the...
  18. S3_MCD

    What happened to Audi Sport last night?

    ...was it hacked? Every time I tried to get to it was redirected to AmD!!
  19. S3_MCD

    New Turbo... or not to turbo, that is my question

    Most will be aware by now that I have a new engine going into the car.... thanks to AUK, but down in the most part to Swindon Audi. Am also having new clutch, Samco hoses, water pump etc fitted... as its just the cost of parts no additional labour. What to do about the turbo? .... car is on...
  20. S3_MCD

    Pictures of my damaged engine

    Went to dealer today and took photos of belt, head and bottom end - not a pretty sight. Cant get the gallery to upload images?!?! Anybody fancy posting my pics?