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  1. Garfybeds

    Advice on the Concert models

    I have been reading up and getting guidance on what I can do about the Concert I have fitted in my 2010 A5 coupe. It is FM/CD/SD card only - no DAB, no AMI. I see that there are a number of models of Concert floating around with identical appearances e.g...
  2. Garfybeds

    A5 coupe 2010 License plate LEDs

    Trups - do you have a festoon bulb replacement for the license plate lights on the above car. Ones that will survive the CANBUS ? I made the mistake of ordering genuine Audi LED license plate lights, but found they are a different fitting to mine (screw rather than clip). Thanks Michael
  3. Garfybeds

    2010 A5 LED number plate lights - advice please

    I have wanted to replace my number plate lights with LED ones, to complete the white lighting look on my car. I thought I was being sensible, ordering official Audi LED lights - however, when they arrived, they have a different securing method to the ones on my car. My car has sprung loaded...
  4. Garfybeds

    AMI install query - A5 Concert (non-MMI)

    I have a 2010 A5 with Concert radio installation. I am looking to find out whether AMI can be installed and if so, is there anyone nearby who can do the installation for me (I'm near J11 M1). I don't need the tray in the glove compartment, just the cable to connect to an iPhone 6
  5. Garfybeds

    Easy storage solution - A5 coupe

    If you get frustrated by your shopping bags rolling around in the boot of your coupe, you may find this fix very easy to do. Genuine Audi parts: A6Y5 867 615 CQ TC 230066/Bracket - these are the handles: order 2 A811 807 577 C N/STOCK NUT - these are square nut clips that push into the holes...
  6. Garfybeds

    Roof rails - fitting or bonding ?

    I would like to add roof rails to my 8P Fastback 2005. I have managed to get a set. Has anyone had experience of fitting them using bonding rather than taking the roof lining out to screw them on. I don't intend to use them to carry goods, just from the point of view of appearance - although...
  7. Garfybeds

    Advice On Replacing Concert + Bose + Mfsw With New Head Unit

    Can anyone point me towards a post that details how to replace a headunit on my A3 8P 05. It has BOSE, old Satnav (not worried if I lose this), Audi bluetooth unit (retrofitted) and MFSW fitted. I am aiming to get a unit that has bluetooth input, can use the existing microphone, I might have...
  8. Garfybeds

    Can I set my side lights up to be daylight running lights (drls) ?

    Is there a setting that can put the sidelights on as DRLs ?
  9. Garfybeds

    Can I set my car up to have daylight running ligths (drls) ?

    My 05 A3 has Xenons (not bi-Xenons) and automatic lights. Is there a setting that can be used to set up the sidelights, or the fog lights, to operate as drls ? Also, I note that the automatic lights seem to come on when it is still quite light - is there a sensitivity adjustment available...
  10. Garfybeds

    A3 8P 5dr 2.0 FSi - is this normal ?

    I have recently purchased an A3 8P 5dr 2.0 SE FSi tiptronic 2005. It replaced a 2006 1.6 SE manual. I have noticed a strange characteristic when accelerating - when I go through 25-35mph I get a weird sensation as though the engine or gear box is wobbling side to side. This disappears again...
  11. Garfybeds

    A3 8P 2.0 FSi tiptronic - is this normal ?

    I have only recently got this car (05, 51k) and love it. However, I have noticed a characteristic when accelerating that I don't know whether it is normal When accelerating and 25-30mph, I get a sensation almost as though the engine is rocking left to right and therefore making the car feel as...
  12. Garfybeds

    Roof Rails - advice

    I would really like to have the official roof rails on my 2005 A3. I have seen some for sale on Ebay, and there must surely be some on cars at the scrappies. However, I would like some advice on the feasibility of retro-fitting them. I have looked around on the forum and can't find a guide...
  13. Garfybeds

    Phone charging solution ?

    At the moment, to charge my iPhone, which is mounted on a Brodit dashboard clip, I have to trail a USB cable from the cigarette lighter in the centre tunnel across the car to the dashboard. Does anyone know of a simple mod to get a charging cable running from somewhere under the dash then I can...
  14. Garfybeds

    Bluetooth fitted, Satnav stopped working - any thoughts

    A guy I found off Ebay came and fitted an OEM bluetooth to my A3. The car is fitted with the old style Satnav (BNS ?) which has the disc mounted in the boot and controls down by the handbrake. Before fitting, the Satnav was working - but now it isn't. I know that the guy took the pins out of...
  15. Garfybeds

    Bluetooth question

    I have just purchased a 2005 2.0 FSI Tiptronic SE with a load of optional extras including MFSW and the old BNS sat nav. While checking the car out, I tried to see if the car had bluetooth by pressing the Mode button on the MFSW, nothing occurred. The car has a Concert 2 single din. Does this...
  16. Garfybeds

    Concert 2 with BNS Sat Nav - Bluetooth ? Advice please

    I am going to view a 2005 A3 8P Fastback 2.0 FSI Tiptronic SE. It looks like it was heavily up-spec'd and has the older style satnav - (BNS ?) , single DIN Concert 2, and the multi-functional steering wheel. I would appreciate any advice on: 1. BNS - how is it updated? Is there a source of...