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  1. creechy

    Facelift Headlight Reflector Removel

    Anybody know how to remove the upper adjusters from the reflector assembly ( ball and socket ). Didn't want to risk breaking something with too much force.
  2. creechy

    Rear S4 caliper bleeding..

    Installed the calipers this afternoon, connected up the ezeebleed and watched the bubbles gradually subside. After three attempts my brake pedal after the initial bite gradually sinks to the floor. There doesn't seem to be any leaks so has the master cylinder given up after only seventeen years.
  3. creechy

    S4 rear calipers

    Anybody know the banjo bolt size on the S4 b5 rear caliper hoses.
  4. creechy

    Door mirrors

    Anybody know if the casing's and mirrors are interchangeable between pfl and fl door mirrors.
  5. creechy

    Symphony Head unit.

    Picked up a Symphony head unit cheap, just connected it up to see if it works and there's nothing from the front speakers. Its got Bose written in felt tip on the top cover. Is there a way to change the unit to non-Bose ?
  6. creechy

    KO3 Turbo

    Anybody got an old knackered Ko3 029 turbo or exhaust housing they don't want, just trying to mock up a jig to make a downpipe for a tfsi conversion. cheers
  7. creechy

    Lost Boost

    Hi everybody I seem to have lost boost, scanned it this evening and there,s no fault codes. Car,s running fine apart from the lack of boost. Ive got a new DV and silicone hoses to replace the old braided ones. Any advice welcome.
  8. creechy

    Wheel spacers.

    Which hubcentric spacers are people using on the rear wheels. I've tried 10 and 15mm and neither sit correctly on the hub.
  9. creechy

    B6 uprights and Abs sensors.

    I'm getting an abs light on the dash after swapping over to B6 uprights. I've used some eBay sensors which I've cut and soldered the b5 plugs onto. Still getting a code for the right front even after swapping to another sensor. Would it matter which way around the plugs connected, or should I...
  10. creechy

    Sports Cats

    What hi flow sports cats are people using, got a milltek cat-back system but the matching sports cat is a bit steep. Are there any other bolt on solutions other than the 034 motorsport one.
  11. creechy

    B12 Bilstein suspension kits

    Morning all, Demon Tweeks are selling B12 suspension kits for £199 for a limited time.
  12. creechy

    Flywheel Machining.

    Can anybody recommend a machine shop in the Croydon area that can skim and re-drill my 1z flywheel.
  13. creechy


    Just seen powerflex are now selling rear beam bush kit for the fwd A4. Anybody tried one yet?
  14. creechy

    Armrest cover

    Anybody replaced or re-covered their leather armrest pad.
  15. creechy


    Hi Just bagged myself a pair of B6 alloy uprights for a good price. Now looking to collect parts together for brake upgrade and fitment. I know i,ll be needing B6 front control arms but im a bit stuck with which cv joint/driveshafts to look out for to fit my 1999 1.8t FWD.
  16. creechy

    Wheel spacers

    Hi Im a newbie on here so please be gentle. What size spacers would i need to run a8 seven spokes with 225.40.18,s on my A4 1.8T sport saloon. it,s running standard sports suspension although possibly will go a bit lower when funds allow.