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  1. shariain

    Slickrims wheel sealant

    I had the pleasure of using this today on the S3. The wheels were washed with Angel wax Revelation then dried and slickrims applied. Application was supper easy and then it was left to haze up then buffed off with a clean dry micro fibre cloth which was also very easy. Here are my results...
  2. shariain

    Just a few Ferrari's and others from today

    Sorry about the poor quality all taken from my iPhone will upload the photobucket album once I get home as there are lots more.
  3. shariain

    8p0 symphony 2 into a 8L S3

    My symphony 2 radio in my 8L S3 (8L0 035 195) is playing up, it doesn't light up when you put the lights on anymore and it never turned on or off with the ignition you need to manually turn it on and off. Now I can get my hands on a symphony 2 from a 8p (8P0 035 195) but would it work in my S3.
  4. shariain

    S3 part number required

    I'm looking for the part number for the trim part of the tail gate where the boot lock is. Thanks
  5. shariain

    Jackass bad grampa

    Seriously pmsl only jackass could get away with this
  6. shariain

    The pleasure of Bass If this is the wrong section can a mod please move to general off topic or where ever it should be. Thanks
  7. shariain

    Scientist banned from revealing codes used to start luxury cars

    Common sense from a court judge at last.
  8. shariain

    £80k Bentley to a scrape and rape

    Why would anyone take a £80k Bentley to one of these car wash places for a cheap clean and for this to happen
  9. shariain

    Removing wire from harness

    I need some help, I'm looking to remove my Audi iPod setup from my old a3 and fit it in the s3 but I can't seem to remove the wires from the wiring harness for the radio. Are they removable once fitted or would I just be better buying a new cable for the iPod unit.
  10. shariain

    Getting my own back

    Well me manager thought he was being funny today when I had my head in a cnc mill setting a tool he hit the side guards with a hammer scaring the sh!t out off me as you would imagine so I decided to get my own back and I put this on his car that he shares with his wife and rather nice looking...
  11. shariain

    Symphony radio issues

    My symphony radio works when I manually turn it on and off but when I started the car I had to put the radio on manually then when I turned the car off and removed the key from the ignition the radio was still on and I had to turn it off. Also my multi function wheel is not working.
  12. shariain

    I want those seats.

    Sorry if this is a repost but its worth seeing again if it is. Sex on rubber.
  13. shariain

    10st testicles

    Channel 4 just now the man with 10st testicles. That man has some balls
  14. shariain

    8P 3.2 v6 to an 8L S3

    Hopefully going to see a S3 at the weekend down in Lincoln area looks a great car and spec wise very similar to my 3.2 I have just now.
  15. shariain

    Posting problems

    I am having problems posting in threads using tapatalk app for the iPhone 4S.
  16. shariain

    Oops I think September might be a push.
  17. shariain

    Have to share this Awsome sound

    Sorry if its already been posted but you can't get to much of this. Lol
  18. shariain

    Dsg fuse positions

    I have a 2004 3.2 v6 a3 and I'm having problems with the dsg and need to find all the fuse and relay locations before the power gets to the dsg ecu. My error 17085 - Transm. Control Module Range/Performance (SAE) or Control Module Defective (VAG) P0701 - 004 - No Signal/Communication...
  19. shariain

    Comedy gold

    I have just had a read through this thread and its absolutely golden and the time laps videos...
  20. shariain

    Have to share this