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    Aussie big turbo Audi S3

    Hi Guys, The date has been finalised and I am starting work on my Audi S3 build Wednesday the 1st of July. So I figure I may as well start a build thread. I'm doing things a little bit differently than other people on the forum. Below is a list of the spec of my car, and I will take photos as I...
  2. J

    Found a circlip on the ground under my car

    Hi guys, Found this on the ground under my car. Just wondering if anyone knows what it could be off. I know the wheel bearings have a circlip but to me this looks a little too small? It is possible it's from my hoist but I'm quite sure it came off the car.
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    Another ECS big brake kit, more problems

    So I finally got around to fitting my ECS rear two piece discs and they sit alarmingly close to the suspension. these pictures are without a wheel attached, with the wheel torqued up I'm worried the parts will be in contact. This kit is for an Audi TT, is the rear suspension any different on...
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    Very strange and frustrating electrical issues

    Hi guys My fans haven't been working for a while so replaced them both and the fan control unit. At the same time I installed a new run after pump. So with everything done I start the car and the fans don't work when the car gets warm or when the aircon is on. However, if I pull fuse 16...
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    Wheel/Tyre Size

    I am currently at the stage where I'm about to buy a second set of wheels. These will be lightweight reasonably expensive wheels so I want to get it right the first time! Firstly, for the track how important is getting the correct center bore size? If the wheel has a larger center bore so it...
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    Need help - fitting ECS Stage 3 brakes

    Hi Guys, Attempted to fit my Stage 3 ECS front brake kit today - I'm having a problem, the brake disc is hitting just above the Control Arm. I have tried loosening the 3 nuts and knocking it all the way in, also tried grinding a...
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    Only one radiator fan on

    Hi guys, Since my car has been getting warm lately I was going to do a coolant flush and then put in some new coolant. When I turned my car off I could hear the fans still running and I popped the bonnet to help it cool a little quicker and I noticed only one fan was going. Does this seem...
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    Fuel Leaking out of my car

    Hi All, Today I had fuel leaking from the rear driver side of the car today (exactly where the fuel filter is). Now two things 1) I have played around with the fuel filter, one of the clips just PULLS off (ie, don't need to use a screwdriver to push in the plastic tab). However, I don't think...
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    Compression ratios

    Hi guys, I'm currently deciding between 8.5, 9 and 9.5 compression ratios for my build Will be a fast road / track car running pump fuel (98 octane) Will be running either a gtx28 or gtx30. I was planning on going with 9:1 but then I came across this thread...
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    Thermostat opening temp

    Hi Guys, I replaced my thermostat a few months ago as it was stuck open. It is now summer here in Australia and my car is constantly getting to 100 degrees, and when I turn the engine off the fans are on full bore and stay on for a minute or two after the car is off. I'm guessing that is the...
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    BAM rebuild

    Hi Guys, The time has come and I'm going to be rebuilding my BAM engine. I get a bit of white smoke, and the engine isn't the smoothest anymore. However, the main reason for the rebuild is so I can run a bigger turbo. The turbo I have chosen is the F23 hybrid. This is for two reasons. 1) Keep...
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    Very quick question + a suggestion for mods

    Hi Guys, Firstly, I was conducting a smoke test on my car as at idle the lambda jumps up and down along with the revs (very minor but I don't want any leaks in any shape or form!). I inserted the smoke into the TIP. I found a couple of leaks including one here at the blue arrow. Oil was...
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    DIS showing a warning

    Hi guys, my DIS beeped and showed a warning today but I can't make out as to what it is. I'm not getting any error codes.. Any assistance would be great. It looks like the "Fault in brake system" warning but doesn't match the picture 100%.. Car drove fine to work this morning
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    Changed fuel pump - Weird issues afterwards

    Hi Guys, I was under the impression that my fuel pump was on the way out, simply because the engine would need to turn over a few times to start once it had been left for a while, and it was a lot worse when the fuel tank was low. The car had no fault codes. So I put the new fuel pump in and...
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    New wheels

    Hi Guys, I am in the process of getting new wheels for my S3. I LOVE the Rota Grids and have pretty much settled on them. A picture for anyone who hasn't seen them before I am going to go for 18" wheels with 225/40/R18 tyres (unless anyone strongly apposes to them). I have two choices for...
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    Urgent rear springs help

    Hi guys. I am currently in the process of installing coilovers on my S3. It has been everything but smooth sailing as it's my first time doing anything with the suspension. I have a question. The rear springs don't sit properly. Am I supposed to re use the rubber mount? It keeps the spring in...
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    DIY Catch Can

    Hi Guys, This guide isn't to show you how to install a catch can, there are already guides on here to do that. This is to show you how to make your own catch can. This will never be as good as the $200+ catch cans that you can buy, but a cheap alternative. I wasn't happy with my current catch...
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    Single knock/clunk on startup/gear change

    Hi Guys, I have been searching the internet and I find it strange that I haven't been able to find a thread where someone has a similar problem to me. Usually most of my issues are covered in other threads, maybe I'm just no good with the search function. I have a BAM S3, and when I start up...
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    Best upgraded in tank fuel pump

    Hi guys, I'm quite sure my standard fuel pump is struggling a little as when I try and start with 1/4 a tank the engine needs to turn over a few times before it fires up. I have read here how that can be a sign of the fuel pump going. Since I want to go hybrid in the future I'm considering...
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    Strange AIT's

    Hi Guys, I have been monitoring my IAT's on my liquid gauge quite closely lately as I am installing a front mount intercooler soon. So I want to see what difference it makes. I have noticed something quite strange however. I should note I have a 80mm TIP, unshielded POD filter on the end and...