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  1. MA3TDIQ

    Leak - possible water?

    Drove my car for 2 hours on motorway today. Came back and noticed a puddle under my car at the front wheel driver side. Found this strange as it hadn’t rained for a week where I live nor had I driven through any puddles. had the AC unit on the whole journey. does anyone know the cause of this...
  2. MA3TDIQ

    Broken cable in engine bay

    Anyone know what this cable is for? It seems to have split the outer protective sleeve with metal fibres visible. It is for a 57 Audi A3 2.0 TDI 170 and runs at the top of the engine bay. I’m hoping that when I fix this cable it will stop my car from intermittently running erratic.
  3. MA3TDIQ

    Map 2.0TDI 170 PD Quattro (57 plate)

    was just looking for some advice regarding tuning my 2.0TDI 170 PD Quattro (57 plate). it has done 125k miles and apart from being a bit smelly has no issues. Still has everything stock incl DPF. Never had any issues with DPF. I am considering getting a map on the car as I believe the 170 can...
  4. MA3TDIQ

    Tuning Audi A3 2.0 TDI quattro 170BHP

    Hi, Im planning to tune my 57 plate audi A3 2.0 TDI quattro 170 BHP and was looking for recommendations. I have seen a quote to increase BHP to 215 for £295 through Anyone used them before and is this reasonable? I did have a tuning box prior to this (DTUK) but it...
  5. MA3TDIQ

    Corrosion front wheel arch

    Noticed corrosion at my nearside front wheel arch. Absolutely gutted as it is just outside the 12 year paintwork warranty from Audi. Car has never been in accident/had any work done. Have been doing some reading and apparently its a known problem with audi. I have really looked after my car...
  6. MA3TDIQ

    LED brake lights

    One of my brake lights just packed in and thinking of replacing it with LED ones-anyone done this without errors? Thanks
  7. MA3TDIQ

    Judder when braking

    Been having an issue where I get a judder when braking I had rear brake pads and disc done last month hoping it would solve the issue but it hasn’t. I did have performance discs and pads put on 2017 on the front. Done 30k miles since then. Am I correct in thinking the performance discs are...
  8. MA3TDIQ

    Haldex oil and filter change

    Needing to get my haldex oil and filter done for my 57 plate pre facelift 170 quattro. I have noticed a humming noise going through my prop shaft under load. Seen somewhere you can upgrade it to get 4 ( whatever that means? I don't think I have the...
  9. MA3TDIQ

    Dome light with map reading and ambient light

    Anyone know where I can source one of these? Tried looking but unable to find one.. think this is the part number - 8EO 947 135 D 6PS Also looking for the back one. If anyone is selling one let me know - looking for a black/grey ones. Cheers!
  10. MA3TDIQ

    Engine cover A3 TDI

    Looking for recommendation to change my engine cover for my Audi A3 8p 2.0 TDI my Audi rings came off and the cover doesn’t look as nice anymore. anyone able to advise if there are any other covers that would fit? cheers
  11. MA3TDIQ

    LED headlight flicker with ignition only - vid

    Hi, Upgraded my lights to LED - fogs/dipped beam/side lights. Used a resistor for the fogs to avoid the bulb can bus error. The LED give so much more light compared to the halogen bulb and I don't get warnings now. Only issue is when I start the ignition my bulbs flicker for a few seconds -...
  12. MA3TDIQ

    A3 service schedule

    Looking for some advice My 57 plate audi a3 TDI 2.0 quattro It has been fully maintained by Audi garage up till now I went to independent audi specialist to save some money on my most recent service. the car has just reached 120 000 miles. They only did an oil change. My question to them...
  13. MA3TDIQ

    VIM hack RNSE 193 for CarPlay

    I am looking to get CarPlay adapter for my RNSE - for this I will need to get the video in motion hack for the RNSE - i have done some reading and to VIM hack you have to downgrade the software to an older version first. Is this possible on the 193 version of the RNSE? Would be interesting to...
  14. MA3TDIQ

    LED lights upgrade

    Hi, After having upgraded my rear end of my audi a3 (8p 57 plate TDI) to LED I now want to do the same o the front end. Essentially I want all my lights to be LED - that is side lights, dipped beam, full beam and Fog lights. And also to add some LED into the cabin. Has anyone managed to do...
  15. MA3TDIQ

    Facelift lights rear

    Hi, I did the rear facelift light upgrade 4 years ago and was very pleased it was all working well-made the car appear much newer. Recently started getting bulb blown on DIS and noticed the inner part of the led light strip had stopped working on both sides. Strangely, when I switch the...
  16. MA3TDIQ

    Headlight LED and PD tuning

    Hi, Quick post to see if anyone has any experience with installation of LED headlights for my audi a3 8p 2007 model. It's 2.0TDI quattro 170 Also wanting to get it mapped but unsure of who/where to go that is reliable. Is it worth doing in a car with over 120k miles? Thanks for advice!
  17. MA3TDIQ

    New Tyres

    Hi, Looking for some new tyre advice for my A3 TDI 2.0 Quattro. I was looking at the Michelin cross climate - anyone have experience with these tyres? Any good? Cheers
  18. MA3TDIQ

    Audi RNSE map update 2019

    currently have 2016 RNSE map disc with 7 digit postcode search. Overall happy with it particularly the 7 digit post code search. Only thing is there are quite a few road changes over last 3 years. Is there a 2019 disc out with 7 digit postcode? Cheers
  19. MA3TDIQ

    Performance Brake Callipers

    Hi, Recently i have noticed a burning smell from my offside front wheel when I get out the car. Also when braking i notice a juddering vibration in the steering wheel - particularly when driving along the motorway. I have done some reading and it sounds like i need to replace my brake...
  20. MA3TDIQ

    Dash cam

    Looking for good dashcam recommendations. Ideally it be dual dashcam, with GPS and small. Any ideas?