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  1. liquids3

    Speed sensor fault code

    P0501 code speed sensor gone on mine,where is this based?,(going into the gearbox),not to sure in where it goes (is).my speedo has stoped working,and also fuel gauge,not fun.and help appreciated
  2. liquids3

    Turbo kit?

    Anyone know of any good turbo kits,gt28 mayby,would like as turbo,turbo lines manifold ect,where is the best place to search?,or anyone striping there's?,would need rods also,would post this in classifieds,i am after advice on where to search new if not thanks adam.
  3. liquids3

    Any tt mk1 owners (link) New heat sheild designed to deflect heat away from the turbo elbo pipe,wireing ect,if you click the link,it should take you to the correct page.thanks adam.
  4. liquids3

    Bristol edition 38 meet 25th nov at 2pm

    This is the last edition 38 meet of the year,but not to be missed,bristol avonmead's car meet,mainly vag.should be a big meet. Post coad (bs2osp)bristol avonmeads.
  5. liquids3

    Rear headlight drop link adjuster must check (must read)

    Within work and looking at freinds car's,the past week i have found out on the 2 s3's and one tt ive looked at or worked on,all of them had broken,rear esp stability control droplinks,edit (headlight adjuster)might be worth everyone checking there's on all s3's tt's,it's conected the rear tie...
  6. liquids3

    stainless manifold heat sheild (relentless)sheild.

    Hi, we now have more of these heat sheilds made and ready for consist's of a stainless steel heat sheild,that fit's above the manifold,main reason's for these sheild's are,to keep heat away from the red turbo pipe,i.e stop them bursting under increased heat,and also reflect heat away...
  7. liquids3

    S3 8l cambelt change different milege

    Why i s the recomended audi s3 8l cambelt change due at 110 on all engine coads apart from amk at 77?,just weird how the one engine coad is so different.
  8. liquids3

    Anyone got instagram app?

    I know this should be posted in general,but any1 got intagram iphone app?,good to store photos ect?,my username (liquids3),any 8l boy's with this app?
  9. liquids3

    No speed fuel gauge

    My rev counter works,but no speed,fuel gauge?,ive disconected speed sensor cleaned,checked fues's,took batterey of for half hour to deleat fault coads,still no joy. Any ideas? thanks adam.
  10. liquids3

    Jesus crist

    I know people are probably board of seeing this s3 from greese,but i love seeing new video's of it,click the link below.crist lol
  11. liquids3

    Spotted (bristol)

    X108hou seen brislington,was in my miss's astra twintop.
  12. liquids3

    Bristol avonmeads audi meet 11,7,12

    Having a little audi meet at avonmeads bristol,postcoad (bs2osp),7.30 should bee good,vagowners,seat owners snd another local club attending,plus asn,need more people of asn,thanks adam.
  13. liquids3

    Bristol audi meet 11,7,12

    Having a little bristol audi (vag) meet 11,7,12, at 7.30 avonmeeds bristol postcoad (Bs2osp) quite a few people coming to this meet now,if anyone fancys coming down,just pop down more the better,think vagowners,seat owners,and a local club sweet shop,plus quite a few other audis are attending,so...
  14. liquids3

    Boot lid open,of key fob.

    Just seen this video of a mk6 golf which pops its boot lid,of the remote key works by reversing the boot strut upsidedown,wonder if the 8l struts are strong enough for this to work? YouTube - GTI Hatch Pop
  15. liquids3

    Ko4 hybrid remap : )

    It's nearly time for my remap on my 2001 amk s3,start of next month hopefully. List so far; Ko4 hybrid (2283 Compresor wheel) Xs power mani xs power dp-getting next week bosch 550cc injectors Fmic Already on car bmc airfilter forge tip plus full forge hose kit forge 008 dv full miltek non res...
  16. liquids3

    Bristol krispy kreme 3,6,12

    Bristol avonmeads vag meet at 3 pm today,bit late to post this,but it is a good meet thought id share.
  17. liquids3

    Bristol cribbs meet 31,5,12

    I am meeting a few mates at cribbs causeway tonite,its ment to be quite a big meet (don't hold me to this),but if anyone wants to meet up tonite compare note's ect see some car's not just vag,pop along,cribbs causeway tesco tkmax carpark at 9ish.much love.
  18. liquids3

    Spring action day

    Anyone attending spring action day castle combe,this saterday.would have loved to have track time,but car is'nt ready,anyone got track time?